8 Forgotten (Lesser Known) Holi Rituals (2/4)


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Read on to know these Fun & interesting Lesser known, almost forgotten Holi Rituals.



  • Approximately 15 days before Holi is Holi ka Badhulla. Wherein you make preparations for Mata Holika.

On the Shukla Paksha Ekadshi before Holi – prayers are offered to Mata Holika.

  • If a son has been born (between last Holi and this Holi), or a son is about to be married –
    On a platter arrange 13 piles of of 4 puris + halwa each. Place a little money on each pile + place a mala made up of 13 suparis + a saree.
    Pass your hand over the platter, remove the mala (and keep in your own house) and give the rest of the platter to your mother in law after taking her blessings.
  • If you burn Holi in your house then the fire should be brought from a communal Holi fire. The patriarch then does his Puja and then lights the fire. Immediately after lighting the bonfire, the stick etc that you had used to bring the fire to your house, must be removed from the house (and put out in a nearby pond/ container of water).
  • On the 1st Holi after marriage, the girl is sent to her parental home, as it is not considered auspicious to see the burning Holi of her in-laws house.
  • On Holi, mothers (alternatively, sister-in-law) gives the married daughters of the family some money. This is known as Kothli. The money is then handed over by her to her motherin-law.
  • Rang Pashi is celebrated 3 days before Holika Dahan. In the earlier times the Purohit used to preside over this ceremony.
    Clothes are given to the married daughters and their unmarried children.

    The family gathers together with all the women wearing their Dandia sarees. Starting with the patriarch of the family – some gulal and coloured water is sprinkled on everyone. And then everyone takes a turn and sprinkles the water on everyone.
    Gujiyas, papri, kanji ke vada are served at this ceremony.

    [Dandia sarees are a must for Holi, as are Gujiyas]

  • During Holi week – The children of the house help the daughter-in-law lock the elder couple in a room and demand a bribe to open the door and let them out. The elders in the house are offcourse alert to this custom.
  • New Brides (this is after playing Holi and having cleaned up) put a tika made of a special Gold or Silver color (specially made for Holi). The color is mixed with a little coconut oil and kept in a broad bottle and applied in tiny quantities on the forehead of everyone.

Dandia Sarees – Are Sarees given to the married daughters to wear during the Holi celebration. Traditionally, they were cotton sarees dyed pink with a golden or silver border and a kiran on the edge of the pallav. But the saree would be ruined in the colour festival of Holi, hence the women started wearing their Dandia sarees for the Rang Pashi ceremony.

Do you practice any of these rituals in your home? Tell us about it. Are you going to try out any of these? Share your story with us.

Wishing you all a Happy Rang Pashi & Happy Holi.

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    March 11, 2017 10:58 pm

    Wow!!! I had no clue and only heard about burning the Holika which was a mohalla things and happened communally; not individually. We used to burn “boot” or the fresh green chanas in this and roast them to much on later…
    Are these all rituals from all over India? different communities? Or just generally applied to everywhere?
    Very very exhaustive research done here and I just loved reading it all.
    I am doing my own post on Holi- you know what my topic is 😉

  2. Isheeria's Healing Circles

    March 12, 2017 1:54 pm

    @shalini – Thank you 🙂
    These are the complete (but not exhaustively detailed) rituals generally applied everywhere.
    I am looking forward to your post!


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