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Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Reader,
We are back, and with an interesting and insightful set of articles on Librans, the people born under the LIBRA Zodiac.

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If you are born between  23rd Sept—22nd Oct you are a Libran (both the dates are inclusive). An important point to remember is that if you were born during a cusp, ie. in the first or last 7 days of a zodiac sign, you will have traits of both the signs, with one of them being more dominant.

Being a Libran your ruling planet is Venus, your symbol is the Scales. And your keyword is Balance. You are good looking, charming, easygoing, diplomatic, balanced, detached, fair minded, and alert. You are caring, generous, considerate, courteous, and graceful. You also tend to be selfish, indecisive, depressed, stubborn and self-indulgent.

You know what you want and also how to go about getting it. You are assertive, ambitious, and always have a goal in mind towards which you move. You will always weigh your options and study it from all angles before making up your mind. This proves very difficult for you, since you can see the situation from both sides and understand the point of view of both sides. To choose between the two leaves you in a quandary, and if people are involved it becomes all the more difficult, as you do not want to displease (leave alone antagonize) anyone. Being an Air sign although emotional the final decision is always of the head. You hate disharmony of any kind, and will do your utmost to bring back the harmony. Equality and justice are very important to you.

You are discerning, with good reasoning ability and a good mind. You love discussions, the intellectual give and take. Being charming, diplomatic, and a born tactician ensures that your path through life is easier than most, and you more or less always get your own way, and get along with people. Hence you not only make many friends but also your career advancement is assured. Just remember to follow your own instincts!

Being the boss/ leader takes you out of your comfort zone.  You dislike being alone, and absolutely abhor making decisions—especially snap decisions.

Librans are either at the top of the scale—well groomed, impeccable manners, irresistible charm, and justice being their motto. Or, they can be at the other end of the spectrum – The couldn’t  care less attitude about everyone and everything. There are no in-between Librans.

You love to socialize and be surrounded by people.  Yours is the sign of partnerships. Of balance.  You want everyone to like you (which just is not possible!) and strive to achieve this all your life. You find it very difficult to say “no”. But if your ease and comfort are disrupted you will not compromise. Because of your need for harmony and finding balances, you rarely make enemies, but in your quest for peace and harmony you would rather diplomatically avert a situation than to confront it and can sometimes come across as being too sweet, and insincere thus making it difficult for people to trust you .

Naturally romance oriented, you are more in love with the idea of “love’, than with love itself. You believe in courtship, in wining and dining, flowers and romance. You need to be careful in choosing your friends and partner as you are susceptible to flattery, and taken in by superficial  characteristics.You tend to analyze your love life so that you can further  improve it.

You start bonding with your children once their individual personality begins to develop. You have a tendency to avoid the questions or issues raised by your children either with an evasive answer or by procrastination, or by parrying it to your partner. You tend to spoil them in order to get some peace.

You should never bottle up problems. You need to relax and rest up in order to recuperate and avoid a build-up of stress which might lead to headaches. Your vulnerable areas are your spine and kidneys. Face, eyes, and ears. You are prone to headaches. Learn to share your feelings.

You will excel in any career dealing with people and beauty. Public  relations. Diplomats.  Modeling. Cosmetic or Fashion industry. Jewellery. Perfumes. Interior decoration. Counseling. Law. Music. Arts.

Your Planet- Venus.
Your Element- Air.
Your Lucky Day- Friday.
Your Lucky Number- 6.
Your Lucky Colours- Lemon yellow, Amber, Pale colours.
Your Lucky Gemstones- Sapphire. Opal. Turquoise.

Blessed Be!

Isheeria’s Healing Circles