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Akshya Tritya (18 April 2018)

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers,

Wishing you all a very prosperous year ahead, starting with today, Akshaya Tritiya


This is a slightly long post this month as we share with you the reasons why we celebrate this auspicious day, some interesting facts and some simple must do’s.


We hope you enjoy this post & are as surprised by some of these as we were when we first learnt about them! We love to hear from you – please leave us a comment. 


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Akshya Tritya is also known as Akti and Akha Teej. It falls on the third tithi (lunar day) of shukla paksha in the month of vaishakha.  On this day both the Sun and the Moon are exalted.

Akshya Tritya is celebrated all over India. Being one of the most auspicious days of the year, one finds many reasons to celebrate this day –       

1)It is believed that Lord Parshuram, the 6th incarnation of  Lord Vishnu was born on this day.     

2) Lord Vishnu was born on this day.

3) Ganges, the holy river descended on earth on this day.

4) Sudama visited Krishna at Dwarka on this day.

5) Pandvas received (Akshya Patra) on this day from Sun God when they were in exile.
(Akshya Patra bowl was never empty and produced unlimited amount of food on demand with the condition that this was possible only before Draupadi had her food).

6) Adishankracharya composed kanakadhara stotram on this day.

7) Kuber received his wealth and position as custodian of wealth on this day

8) It is also believed Goddess Annapurna appeared on this day.

9) In the Jain religion, this day marks the end of one year fast by Tirathankara Rishab.   

10) It marks the beginning of Treta Yug.



Some interesting facts about Akshya Tritya –

1) Simhalam (Andhara Pradesh). It is the abode of lord Narsimha. The deity of Lord Narsimha is always covered with sandalwood paste . On this day of Akshaya Tritya abhishekam is done and devotees are allowed darshan of God in his actual form. On the same day the deity is again covered with sandalwood paste.


2)The construction of the chariot of the famous Rathyatra festival at Jaggannath Puri begins on this day from the wood of some specific trees.


3)In the temple of Kshira Chora the deities of MadanMohna, Govinda and Gopinath are smeared with sandalwood pulp on this day


4)Badrinath – On the day of Akshya Tritya temple of Gangotri and Yamunotri which are closed during winters are  reopened for the devotees.

The devotees  (in their homes) place a picture of Shri Badhrinarayan ji  on a pedestal, and bhog is given of soaked chana daal and mishri.


5)Kumbakonam  The temple city celeberates Garuda Vahana Seva for God Vishnu from 12 different temples. The Garude being son of Vinata, is the bird carrier of Vishnu God.

On the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritya you can have darshan of Dvadash Garuda Seva.


6) It is believed that if we purchase gold on this day it will never diminish .But actually, gold should be purchased in Guru Pushya Yoga.


7)On the day of  Akshaya Tritya League Of Devotees was formed at Jhansi by Acharya Shri. Prabhupada in 1953. Later he laid the foundation of Iskcon.


 Some simple must do’s on this day – 

1)Glorify Lord Parshuram chant special stotram. (If not possible, chant Hare Krishna mahamantra 108 times).

2)Recite the 18 Chapters of Bhagvada Gita .(if not practical recite atleast one chapter).

3)Offer oblations before fore- fathers (tarpan)

4) Annadaan done on this day has great importance.The food offered is in the form of prasadam  of Lord Vishnu.                                                                                   

 5)With great faith, a bowl( representive of the Akshya Patra) is given to close ones.  

6)Keeping a fast on Akshaya Tithi is considered very auspicious, and the harbringer of  wealth and happiness. Only khichdi is eaten, without salt. Papad’s are a definite taboo.

 Other daans, charities, pooja, yajnas are also suggested on this highly auspicious day.


  Auspicious muhurat timings to buy gold: 06:07 am to 12:26 pm

Tritiya tithi begins at 3:45 am on 18th April, 2018
Tritiya tithi ends at 01:29 am on 19th April, 2018



Did you know ? Akshaya Tritya is only celebrated in India and no where else in the world. Click To Tweet


Blessed Be!

Team Isheeria

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