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A to Z - Dark Poetry

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By: Isheeria's Healing Circles

Published #AtoZofDarkPoetry by @Ishieta @Isheeria1 #Isheeria #poems

A to Z of Dark Poetry

AtoZ - Dark Poetry ishieta isheeria isheeriashealingcircles.com


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The Poet & Published writer, Ishieta is a Healer and Numerologist, and has played with words in verse to dig into the visceral and disturbing area of Darkness within.
This is a collection of 26+1 short Poems written as part of the Global A to Z Challenge in April 2017.
She writes over at www.isheeriashealingcircles.com
You can also see her other Published works –
Numerology – The Power of Numbers

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email on: team@isheeriashealingcircles.com

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