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#AtoZofHealing – [J] is for #Journal Therapy – #AtoZchallenge

Welcome to A to Z of Healing with Isheeria’s Healing Circles.

[J] is for Journal Therapy

Journaling - Journal Therapy - Isheeia - AtoZofHealing

I know many of my writing friends would have kept a journal sometime or the other, or like me, sporadically, from time to time.

A Journal is a great tool for self-healing, and there is actually something called Journal Therapy.

Journal therapy is a type of writing therapy that focuses on the writer’s internal experiences, thoughts and feelings. Journal therapy uses reflective writing so that the writer can receive mental and emotional clarity, validate experiences and come to a deeper understanding of him or herself. Journal therapy can also be used to express difficult material or access previously inaccessible material.

Like other forms of therapy, journal therapy can be used to heal a writer’s emotional or physical problems or work through a trauma, such as illness, addiction, relationship problems etc.[Source: Wikipedia]

Writing in a Journal is a cathartic process. Many times we need to just vent, and your journal is a great friend, a non-judging receptacle of your heart’s pouring.

Journaling dates back to 10th Century Japan.

 You can use it to write about your Day to Day Life, to record your Life experiences and your spirituals Journey. Track any goals or activities you are pursuing. Or, even a tracker about How was your Day! I like & use the simple tracker design in this image. 

Journaling #isheeria
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There are many types of Journaling which are popular these days – The Buller Journal, The Art Journal, The Visual Journal and the Classic, Journal.

I personally have mashed up all four to create a journal which works for me, which is a joyful experience for me to write and draw and paint and plan in!

Journaling is the Art & Craft of finding oneself!

How do you start a Journal?
A notebook, A pen/pencil and a commitment to yourself.

You can start off with writing about the present moment, maybe what you have done since the morning, how you are feeling, what you ate, etc. Basically, you can write about anything and everything – Just Write.

pic. credit: Internet

I have found what works for me is scheduling in time to Journal.

Sometimes I write about my days, my feelings and then reflect upon them. Sometimes I like to day dream, and on others plan for my week ahead. I take a moment to write in what I am thankful for, (what is popularly called the Gratitude Journal). I add images and pictures, doodles are drawing and my personal favourite, Quotes – I add quotes which resonate with me.

Do you Journal? Which is your favourite question to ask to get the words flowing?   

Blessed Be!
Ishieta @ Isheeria’s

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