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[N] is for Numerology

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Isn’t it remarkable how the simple concept of numbers
(which were meant to keep count)
have evolved into formulas to understand ourselves and our destiny.

The Magick of Numbers was introduced to me in the oldest school of education and Learning – by my mother!

I have had the privilege to see the power of numbers in the world around me and the effective guidance they provide.

Time and again, I have seen people consult Numerology to understand themselves and their lives better, see patterns and blockages, and found simplified solutions (sometimes by tweaking their spellings, sometimes by changing their approach to answers).

Numerology is all about Numbers and how they come together to create a unique life and set of experiences.

Numerology is based on Numbers – which add up from our Date of Birth, our names, etc. These numbers reveal our personality, behavior and thought patterns.  With it, we can learn to manage ourselves, our Lives and our relationships. We can create the Life we want.
One of the advantages is that even if you don’t know your Time of Birth (which is the case with many people) – It isn’t required for understanding your Life or making predictions about your future.

“The Practice of Numerology is a scientific approach to the Esoteric”

The science and art of numbers allows one to find answers! About ourselves, our future, and helps to de-mystify the world around us.

A science yes, because it is mathematical in it’s accuracy – The formulas combine in a known and valid format to provide answers.

And, an Art, because they show us the beauty of our lives, and the significance the numbers play in our lives.

Did you know – Your Date of Birth, and the name given to you at birth are not co-incidences!

The Date of Birth and Name are selected in line with your personality and life path! They are the very blueprint you are born with in this lifetime.

I personally believe, that indeed, ‘Knowledge is Power’ and I DO have the Power & the responsibility to make choices to create the Life I want!

Knowledge + Choices +  Creating (actions)
=  My Life / The Life I want
Numerology gives us the recipe to Design & Create
the Life we want!

It is simple to use, and is an exact science.

If you are interested in understanding the Principals of Numerology, and How numbers govern our lives, I hope you will read our Book for Beginners called: Numerology – The Power of Numbers. Available on Amazon.in here.

You can read more about Numerology and the Monthly Predictions I do (Published on: www.isheeriashealingcircles.com on the 30th of every month for the next month) in the Numerology Section here.

Blessed Be!
Ishieta @ Isheeria’s

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