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Welcome to A to Z of Healing with Isheeria’s Healing Circles.

[P] is for Prayer

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Prayer is defined as the communication process that allows us to talk to God (feels like a management professional wrote this 1!, no?),  basically, it is talking to (with) God.

Prayer if you notice is the one concept/ one activity which is done in all religions, irrespective of the religion, language, caste, color etc, and age.
There are different ways of praying, but they all include bowing our heads to the almighty, the higher power, and being reverent.

God’s ways are mysterious!
He is always doing what is Best for You.
So be at peace and go forth.

It is believed that God answers all Prayers, and the solutions he offers are always the right ones, the best ones actually for your higher self, and your purpose in life (we may disagree initially offcourse, until we see how an incident or an opportunity plays out in the larger pictures of our lives).

God can (& does) heal our lives – at the physical, mental, emotional and circumstantial levels.
It is this Faith in God that gives one strength and ability to carry on – and to accept miracles.

While praying one can find answers! Because, when we pray, we give ourselves that break to step away from our problem and pray & ask for God’s help and guidance and reflect on them for a deeper understanding.
You will be surprised at how many times, after praying you feel more at peace, safe & reassured & soon a solution presents itself! because, God Answers.

I have personally always thought of Prayer (the act of Praying) like talking with my Grandfather – Where I must speak with respect (comes naturally), and he is someone who is on my side (always) and I can talk and share anything and everything, including my silliness! It is one of the most beautiful and deeply -rooted beliefs’ of my life and faith.

It (The Power of Prayers)
is worth including into your life,
a few minutes of praying daily –
and then watch the magic unfold!

Another Something that has always fascinated me, and I find to be a beautiful homage to Spirituality are Prayer Flags.

You can see these outside homes and on streets and smaller ones inside cars even, fluttering in the breeze (This is one of my favourite sights to see when I travel to the mountains, or even strung across, inside a car sometimes on the highway during traffic jams [sce emoji=”happy”/] )

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Buddhists have this beautiful row of flags with prayers written on them – Best hung where win can blow over it (It is believed, this is how the prayers are sent forward into the universe).

Please note – the first flag you tie is the Blue one, and with time, the flags will begin to tear – don’t take them down, as it shows that your prayers are about to be fulfilled.

Have you experienced the miracles and the re-assurance of Prayers in your Life? Share your experience with me in a comment below.

Blessed Be!
Ishieta @ Isheeria’s

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