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#AtoZofHealing – [Q] is for #Qigong – #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to A to Z of Healing with Isheeria’s Healing Circles.

[Q] is for QIGONG

Qigong Isheeriashealingcircles.com #isheeria AtoZofHealing

Qi in Chinese, ki in Japanese and Prana in Hindi, all these words mean the same thing  – Vital Energy, the Life force, the energy which flows through every entity. It is the very fabric from which our world is made, and permeates everything in the universe.

Qi is simply Air/ Breath.

In Feng Shui, we focus on creating spaces where Qi is in balance. All the aspects co-exist in harmony.
It is this imbalance which causes dis-harmony and/or ailments to the people living there.

Q is also for Qigong – The practice of cultivating the Qi, the Vital Life force, the awareness with the help of Breathing Techniques, Postures & exercises (movement), and Meditations.

Qigong involves exercises and postures, awareness of breath and meditation, that promote health, the healing of one self, prevention of diseases, and increases longevity.

Some of the techniques in Qigong are 5,000 years old.

The Qigong Practice includes Wai Dan (External – involves physical movement & concentration) and Nei Dan (Internal – sitting meditation, guided visualization).

Qigong also has certain mantras, mudras and meditations and prayers which one can do to pursue enlightenment.

qi gong exercises

Have you ever tried a Qigong session?

Blessed Be!
Ishieta @ Isheeria’s

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