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#AtoZofHealing – [R] is for #Runes- #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to A to Z of Healing with Isheeria’s Healing Circles.

[R] is for Runes

Runes Isheeriashealingcircles.com #isheeria AtoZofHealing

Today I am writing about something which has been a subject which I find exciting! Maybe because of my fascination with language, communication, spirituality & divination!

Runes are a Divination tool, made of a set of 24 ancient alphabetic symbols, known as the Runic Script.

Runes are made with various materials – You can find sets made of stone, glass, cards, pebbles, etc.
(This is one of the aspects I enjoy about working with Runes – that I can make my own set, using any material).

Runes were developed as pictograms, and were normally carved in to stone or wood. Hence, they consist mostly of straight lines – but over centuries, like all things evolve, the Runic Alphabets became more cursive.

Runes means ‘mystery’, ‘secret’, ‘hidden’, and ‘to whisper’, and are a powerful divinatory & magical system>

Each Runic alphabet is associated with an object, as well as being a symbol for something deeper, more esoteric meaning.

Each Rune is also associated with a Norse God & with a gemstone, a flower, a tree.

The Reading with the Runes is similar to that of the Tarot Deck, with various spreads.

So for a reading, we cast the Runes or pick a random one after shuffling, and then read the interpretations and apply the wisdom and guidance to the question.

Have you had a Runes Divination experience? Leave me a comment below.

Blessed Be!
Ishieta @ Isheeria’s
P.S: I do Runes Readings also, contact me to book a reading session.

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