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A to Z of Healing

A to Z of Healing by Ishieta Chopra

A to Z of Healing by Ishieta Chopra of Isheeria isheeriashealingcircles.com

E-Book Available on Amazon.in

Book Blurb:
The Author, Ishieta belongs to a Lineage of healers, and in the A to Z Challenge in 2017, took up the theme of A to Z of Healing.
Join her as she completes the Alphabets and shares her notes and experiences on 26 Alternative forms of Healing – Beyond the ‘what’ they are, to what we can do with them & what the experience is like.

You can also see her other Published works –
* Numerology – The Power of Numbers (Paperback available on Amazon.in)
* Dark Poetry – A to Z – 26+1 Poems exploring the Darkness within

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