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Book Review: A-Z of Minimalism by Upasna #isheeria

Welcome to the Book Review of ::
A-Z of Minimalism by Upasna Sethi


isheeria book reviews

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For a book review on a book on minimalism, this is not quite a minimalist review! Which is why it is obvious to you, isn’t it dear reader, why this is a book that I absolutely needed to read!

The Book A to Z of Minimalism by Upasna was part of the A to Z Challenge in 2017, and is an excellent read which walks us through Minimalism over 26 Letters of the Alphabet.

Each chapter introduced me to a different concept of Minimalism and made me realize that there are practical ways to add this to my life.

The book is full of exercises – which are practical to do and give tips which are helpful! I loved the concept Upasna mentions of “Do More with Less” – which is great, but left me wondering how could I do this, was this just a ‘saying’ and how does one actually apply this to daily life!

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Then I turned the page over, and found that she has given specific ideas on what we can do to actually live the said ‘saying’ in our lives – and divided it into the different aspects of our lives such as wardrobe, technology, toys, etc. I found this to be helpful! I appreciate that this book is a practical guide which tells me HOW to do, and just WHAT to do to add minimalism into my life!

I appreciate that this book is a practical guide which tells me HOW to do, and not just WHAT to do to incorporate minimalism into my Life!

If there is one chapter that I recommend one must read, it is the chapter on the Letter F – Financial Freedom – These are definitely tips I wish I had understood when I first started out earning & managing my money.

I really enjoyed Upasna’s tongue in cheek humour! Here’s a sample :

“Minimalism was designed to make room for pursuing the things we love – formally called as HOBBIES!!!”


(or 2, since I am learning the concept still) …

Note: Watching TV does not count as a hobby!

Through the subject of  Minimalism, her writing style & tips had me chuckling & wanted to try them out in my own life!

She in each of her chapters raises some interesting questions and some of the observations are so remarkable, that it makes one pause and reflect !

Page 22 made me pause, and re-read! I really liked her point about Cleaning products – I agree, and do want to try this out in our home!
Minimalism and White Space and Gifting were interesting chapters too.

As a beginner, this book is an excellent, easy to understand (Jargon free) introduction with practical tips and exercises to get you started on Minimalism.


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After all, Minimalism is about Freedom and loving your Life! - Upasna Click To Tweet


The book is available on Amazon.in – Pick up your copy here.                                  

I’d love to hear your feedback too – Share your review with me.

Upasna blogs at: http://lifethroughmybioscope.com/ and is social on: Twitter @lifebioscope

I am reviewing this book as part of the The Blogchatter Ebook Carnival which is a part of the Annual – Global A to Z Challenge.


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