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Finding Juliet - Book Review - #isheeria

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Book Review – Finding Juliet

Book Review : Finding Juliet by Toffee (pen name)



This is a man’s story about Finding his Juliet!

This book is Different and how! It is an honest (and in my opinion brutally so) telling of the travails & hiccups of love in today’s modern times from the view point of a boy-man (He grows up some through the telling of his story).

For a woman reader, Yes, it was difficult to read, because though I have heard ‘rumours’ about how men view ‘us’, it is the first time I read the (fictionalised) view point of a man who didn’t hold back any punches in lieu of being politically correct.

I felt a bit bad (or maybe more than a bit), but do wonder on the larger context of Why men ‘objectify’ women, why ‘once hurt’ it gives ‘them’, the men license to become Casanovas’ and Why we, as women, and as readers, become so judgemental of a story not fitting inside our mould of acceptable story telling!

The writing style was fairly alright, the story had many clichés. But for me, the biggest challenge was how disturbed I was reading a book which told a story from a perspective and a view point of language so different from my own.

It raised questions to Why social media portrays men and women in such narrow definitions (gender bias, anyone?) and Why is finding and keeping love so  hard in these times?

Read this If you are willing to be challenged in how you like your stories written, and protagonists speak! Read this to challenge your own walls, imprisoning you as a reader!

Do be prepared to be offended! And realise, that every story has it’s happy ending via many a meandering and philandering way!

PS: The Author is a Fun chap! Here’s  a sample from our Twitter chat with Writermelon where he shared a #poem 🙂

Happy Reading!

‘I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’

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