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Savage Souls SM Boyce Runes Universe Isheeria Ishieta Reviews

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Book Review – Savage Souls (S.M. Boyce)

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Reader & Fellow Book Lover,Savage Souls SM Boyce Runes Universe Isheeria Ishieta Reviews

Savage Souls by S.M. Boyce
Hot off the press!
Published on 18th April 2017!

Author is very sweet and friendly., you can find out about her works (including, The Grimoire series, which I love) on her website here or join her on Facebook group here.


About the Story:
There are two things 18-year-old Cadence Murphy is proud of: she is an amazing Witch with the healing magic of nature, and she can run a five-minute mile. There’s just one tiny problem: an ancient darkness in her blood is messing with her healing abilities. When some very powerful, cruel men want to destroy her for it, she must tempt fate itself to stop them.

Dishonorably discharged from the marines, 20-year-old Drew Richards uses his deadly skills to neutralize criminals and lowlifes… for a fee. So when a wealthy businessman offers half a million to kill some girl, Drew is more than willing—until he sees her, and his priorities change.

But the Norns, weavers of fate, have decided Drew is destined to kill Cadence. Can he resist his destiny? Suspenseful, romantic, and rich with chilling magic, Savage Souls captures the essence of forbidden love—and the consequences that come with it.

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My Rating : [sce emoji=”star”/] [sce emoji=”star”/] [sce emoji=”star”/] [sce emoji=”star”/]




This is an author that has a fantastic grasp on weaving words like magic!
I have thoroughly enjoyed her Grimoire Saga, and intend to read everything she writes!

This is an interesting story, my first introduction to the Runes universe actually.

I loved the characters, the magic, the unexpected twist! I kept thinking how is this going to end, and whoa – I didn’t think of that at all!

Since I read it in 1 sitting – you know it’s THAT kind of a story! 🙂

I am on Goodreads – come, let’s be friends 🙂

Happy Reading,

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One thought on “Book Review – Savage Souls (S.M. Boyce)

  • Long time since I have read a fantasy novel specially with magic and everything. This one sounds like a great read.

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