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Secret of the Master (The Master of Books Series Book 2)Secret of the Master by Robert J. Fluegel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars



This is Book 2 in the fantasy – adventure THE MASTER OF BOOKS series by the Author Robert J. Fluegel.

For a Book Lover there is no greater joy than to dive into a story & live it 🙂

He does a fantastic job of story telling! so much so, that I felt I was indeed there, living inside the story 🙂 I enjoyed the writing style thoroughly …. absorbing & funny.

See this excerpt:

The story follows a group of young (not-so-young-coz-have-lived-many-many-book-years) adventurers – I have no other word to describe them – They are fun, gutsy, smart & adventurous! Each character is different – personality-wise, skills-wise, attitude-wise and even sense of humour-wise – so, the way they work together as a team is very interesting to see.
The development of their friendship and trust with each other is written beautifully, naturally. I am so curious about what is next for this menagerie (= diverse collection of people).

I highly recommend this book -It’s a clean, fun, well written story about adventure & fantasy. You can get your copy on Amazon.in.
I look forward to : the next in this series and More works by this author.

Cheers to being a reader!

May you dream of books & words,

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