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The Fragrance of Rose: Beauty. Dignity. Ambition

by: Chirajit Paul

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thefraganceofarose Chirajit Paul isheeria book review

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The Fragrance of a Rose is the story of Rinita Bose – A woman, just like you and I!  An ordinary woman who faced some extraordinary situations and circumstances to live her life, ultimately, on her terms, pursuing some of her dreams, and in a practical vein, giving up on others.

This book is the story of Rinita Bose – A beautiful woman with great aspirations. It is her journey through the perilous paths of a Career, Love and Life! and the steps and actions to takes to survive, prosper and ultimately do something which leaves an impact on the story, the characters, and the reader!

You can read the detailed Book Blurb on goodreads here for more on the story line.


Onto my review of the reading …. [sce emoji=”bollylove”/]

During the reading of this book, I went through a roller coaster of opinions, from a point when I felt sorry for her, for her humble beginnings and struggles, to a point of judging her, like, sadly, most of our society, to cringing at her sexual encounters, to feeling angry on her behalf, to seeing the wonders of the tea gardens through her eyes, and finally cheering her on – to find, nah!, to grab, whatever happiness she could! to finally appreciating the difference she made to the lives of many despite her own roller-coaster life!

I know the sentence above is long,and should be cut short – but this is what this book is like – it wont let you just skim over – it pulls you in! You hate some pages, and some are sheer poetry!

The story does skirt on some moral issues – It brings to light the lack of morals that men employ when it comes to dealing with women employees and colleagues! on the other hand, it does also throw light on the double standards that women keep!

I shudder when I realize that umpteen women have faced some form of harassment or the other in the work place, and as a society, as a norm, everyone turns a blind eye! It is always somehow easier to place the blame of a slippage on a woman than to find the true culprit! We have many miles to go on this issue, and not even a step has been taken yet!

Some of the happenings, or rather mis-happenings in the story with our heroine had me feel deeply for her, and feel really angry at the perpetrators, and ultimately the actions she took, despite my own personal wish that she had, had better life choices to choose from, the strength and resilience of her character made me cheer for her! 

My favourite segment from the story are the chapters based in the Tea Gardens! The Author, Chirajit Paul here has shown a talent for descriptions which are poetic! so much so, that you feel as if you are sitting right next to Rinita as the Estate comes into view for the first time, and feel the same awe as she does in the beauty of nature! You also are silently hoping for a better turn of circumstances in her life. Ultimately, I felt grateful for the Life, the freedom and the safety I have been privileged to enjoy!


The Book Cover – I really liked the book cover! Something about it resonated for me, and made me think of beauty and it’s reflections. I liked the Lettering of the title and the Rose tattoo on the lady’s shoulder as she gazes at her reflection. 

I thought the cover was pretty when I began the book. At the end, I realized, it is a beautiful summation of the story!  – Do you agree with me? Read the book for yourself, and share your thoughts.


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