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Book Review : Twenty Twenty @ANURAAG20 #isheeria

Welcome to the Book Review of :

Twenty Twenty by Anuraag Srivastava 

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Book Available on Amazon.in in Paperback

My Review:

This is the story of Two (2) nice people – People like you and me, and One (1) who is manipulative and has no scruples whatsoever!(here in forth, referred to as the villain)

The story is about Abhi & Aditi who are like any normal siblings, with their own camaraderie & contests, and how the ‘villain’ manipulates them.

It is interesting how to save themselves, and each other, they too learn the art of manipulation – and in this journey, discover themselves and finding joy in this dangerous game.

Now, special mention must be made for the fourth pivotal character, The Goon. I absolutely loved the goon, who was hired to intimidate the siblings, but ends being the ONE (& only person) in the story who unexpectedly has a moral compass.

This is an interesting read, and is well written, especially keeping in mind that it is by a First time Author.

The story is a very real portrayal of how people use each other for their own gain! In the end, Aditi sums it up very well, when she says –


“What was the harm,
if people were ready to be fooled themselves”


Available on: Kindle

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Happy Reading!



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