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Welcome to knowing more about Cancerians, whether you are one, or know one, here are some interesting things to know –

If you were born between 21st. June -22nd. July you are a Cancerian (both the dates are inclusive). An important point to remember is that if you were born during a cusp, ie. in the first or last 7 days of a zodiac sign, you will have traits of both the signs, with one of them being more dominant.

Being a Cancerian your ruling planet is the Moon, your symbol is the Crab. And your keyword is caution. It makes you moody, emotional, passive, reserved, reflective,  defensive, peaceful, and nurturing. You will likely go through many ups and downs in life- in your career and your personal life and relationships.

You are traditional, creative, artistic, imaginative, a collector, and a hoarder. You find it difficult to let go and loosen any strings. You would much rather expand your circle, and gather everyone together around you. You harbour hurts and supposed slights.  You tend to remember even small details, and find it difficult to forgive and forget. You are so much on the defensive, trying to protect yourself that you give the first impression of being hardy, tough, and maybe even prickly. You should use your highly developed instincts in a positive manner, and trust them and live by them.

You have a strong desire to be needed, and to know that you are loved. You are very protective of yourself, and of others. Your family comes first with you.  You tend to over react and over extend yourself. You are soft, compassionate, and have a genuine desire to help.

All your life you are going to worry too much about what other people think of you. Be careful that others don’t take undue advantage of your good nature. You need to understand that you cannot please everyone. Your challenge lies in learning to stay loving and yet free of attachment.

Although on a personal level you are plagued by shyness and self-doubt, others place great confidence in you and come to you for help in making their decisions. You are not afraid to support others when they need help, or to give generously of your wealth and energy when called upon to do so. This brings respect, appreciation, and people closer to you. You are so sensitive that you tend to think that any form of criticism is actually a rejection of you. Remember to have faith in yourself, and half your battles will already be won. You are popular, but not comfortable venturing out into new places, and hence tend to miss out on a lot in life.

When you are feeling down and depressed you should seek the company of those who are dear to you. For in them you will find a source of strength, which will help in dispelling your mostly baseless fears and anxieties. Spending time by the sea, near an expanse of water, or in natural surroundings can be therapeutic and healing for you.

This year take care of your health, home, house-ie. Of yourself and your personal space.

With a proper environment you will come out of your shell and reach your full potential, and take advantage of the capable and admirable nature that is yours.

Any career which calls for judgement and understanding, sympathy is suited to you as you not only inspire confidence but can always see the others’ point of view. You should choose a career which brings you in contact with people. You have a very practical and tactful nature, and can achieve success through your ability to adapt to changing conditions, to anticipate the needs of others, and to handle situations. Being a water sign and ruled by the Moon, you are powerfully psychic and have intuitive instincts. Cancerians are good at helping people solve problems and are sympathetic, kind, and compassionate. They want to be successful so that they can do things for their family and for others. If you want to go into a business of your own- choose one which relates to people/ the public because of your knowledge of what people want.

Most Cancerians achieve success late in life.

You enjoy the home and family environment, and make a caring and loving partner, and an excellent parent. It is very important that you choose and marry the right partner. Moderation and balance in all areas of life is essential, because emotions influence your energy levels. Your health will be good if you do not worry too much.  People of the zodiac signs Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio, and Virgo make the ideal partner for you.

A Cancerian child will be extremely sensitive, reflective and a little on the quiet side. Will likely change routines frequently and follow a variety of interests. The main thing to remember is that they are subject to moods and are hypersensitive. You need to ensure that you do not give them an inferiority complex by pointing out their mistakes and especially their inadequacies. You need tact in dealing with them. You need to encourage them and instil a positive attitude in them.

In dealing with a Cancerian  one must always remember that they are the most sensitive people in the zodiac. You need to handle them with kid gloves. They are highly imaginative, and are great worriers about the future, and fear every type of calamity. They are kind, generous, loving, and trusting souls and respond to kindness, and courtesy, and gentility. They find it difficult to make a definite decision, and do not commit easily. Highly conservative, they do their homework well before coming to a decision.

Your Planet- Moon.

Your Element-  Water.

Your Lucky Day- Monday.

Your Lucky Number- 2.

Your Lucky Colours- Blues. Greens.

Your Lucky Gemstones- Pearl. Moonstone.

Blessed Be!

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