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Cancer in Relationships (II)

Dear Isheeria Healing Circles Readers,

Here is Part II of Cancer in Relationships from our new series on the Relationships each zodiac shares with those from the other zodiacs. We hope you Enjoy these insightful little articles – Do leave your comments & Likes 🙂
Let us know if there is anything you would like us to write about.

Cancer in Relationships – 


This is a happy, caring, lasting relationship. You will have a great connect, but both will need to curb their mutual moodiness. You are both so similar,  nostalgic and with a tendency  to live in the past, that you will need to be consciously alert. Otherwise you may find yourselves in a rut, leading a humdrum life. You are both loyal and family oriented.


This is a good, stimulating relationship. You are the perfect foil for each other, with the Leo having the ability to bring you out of your cocoon. Don’t let Leo push you around. Leo is outgoing, whereas you are over-sensitive.  The area that will need compromising in this relationship is how to handle your finances. As long as you don’t try to change each other this is a very nurturing relationship.


This is an excellent, rewarding relationship. You are both caring and conservative. Virgo needs privacy and freedom, whereas you are caring and possessive. The Virgo will need some space, and will lash out if they don’t get it.   As long as you don’t let the Virgo criticism hurt or stunt you, and take it in your stride, life will be good.


This is an interesting relationship as you are very different but yet similarly attuned. It will not be a happy relationship as you will need to make all the adjustments.  Virgo is all about logic and you are all about emotions. You both have a lot to learn from each other, and together you would make a great team.


A good relationship wherein both of you thrive. You trust each other implicitly. Although your motivations are different, you are both very similar, and will need to give space to each other. It is essential that both of you make the adjustments -forgive and forget is the best policy.


This is a relationship of opposites. The Sagittarian is tactless and wants freedom, whereas you are very sensitive and want to cling. Being so different, yet you are compatible. If you both learn to walk the middle path then this difficult relationship can become a very fulfilling one.


This is an interesting relationship, a case of opposites attracting. Although very different personalities you do get along very well. The Capricorn is practical whereas you are emotional. This is a good, secure relationship where you both have a lot to give to each other.


This is not an easy relationship. You are miles apart. The Aquarian is much too eccentric, and wants to know every detail. You are too conservative and moody. Both of you are unpredictable, and will  have to put in effort and make great adjustments to make this relationship work.


You both have a good, instinctive understanding. Both of you are conservative, sentimental, and moody, but your take on finance is diametrically opposite. There will be a need for both of you to pull yourselves up, and if you put in the effort you will make a great team.


This is an unpredictable relationship. Aries needs challenges, where as you need stability. You could complement each other, or frustrate each other to the point of no return. It can go either way. If you are both willing to understand each other and work on your relationship then this could really work.


A successful relationship as you both have the same values, and appreciate the same things. The problem arises because of your sensitiveness and moodiness which Taurus is unable to fathom. If you both decide to make your relationship work it will be very harmonious.


This is an erratic relationship where you will both need to put in a lot of effort to make it work. You both want different things in life. You want stability, whereas Gemini wants change and freedom. If both of you learn from each other and are prepared to make adjustments then this can become a superb relationship.

Blessed Be!

Isheeria’s Healing Circles

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