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Carpe Diem #BlogchatterEbook #isheeria

Welcome Dear reader to my space in the world,

I take on the baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Amrita Basu Misra of healthwealthbridge.com whose Ebook Picky Eaters is also a part of the mix.
About Amrita’s Ebook: Picky eating makes moms worried. Did you know, what you eat during pregnancy ,could change your unborn child’s eating habits? Knowing when to worry and how to handle picky eaters, is what this book is about. Easy actionable hacks to make life easier for moms.

The last 2 months has been a roller coaster ride, with a new blog, and then enrolling for my first ever A to Z challenge in April – which meant blogging every single day, and then hopping across to read the wonderful stuff everyone was posting.

To say that I was overwhelmed and awed –
is stating the obvious.

And to say that I was a bit of a heroine about it all –
is over-stating the obvious!

I dived right into the deep end, and did not 1, but 2 themes – thus, multiplying the challenge so many folds!!!

Now here, BLOGCHATTER came to my rescue!



They gave me the support of a community and friends – who helped me keep up the pace, and complete both the challenges successfully. And then guided me to expand on my writings and convert my participation in both my challenges in to E BOOKS.

BLOGCHATTER  took it a step further, and selected BOTH of my Ebooks to be showcased as part of the Blockchatter Ebook Carnival. 

This bring my sum total of published works to THREE – and I am very excited to have been able to go beyond and explore my writings and share them with all of you.

My 1st book, Numerology  The Power of Numbers is
co-authored and is a book in which you can learn Numerology for yourself, easily. It is available on Amazon.in here.

Thanks to TheBlogchatter.com, my 2nd and 3rd books based on my AtoZ theme are now published!!! 

isheeria isheeriashealingcircles.com books published dream on poetry and healing


My 1st theme and 2nd published work is : A to Z of Healing where I go through the 26 letters of the Alphabet & share my  notes and experiences on 26 Alternative forms of Healing – Beyond the ‘what’ they are, to what we can do with them & what the experience is like.
It is available on Amazon.in as a kindle version (at a nominal price) here and for free download as PDF for a limited time here.

My 2nd theme for the A to Z challenge, and my 3rd published work is: Dark Poetry – 26 poems, each starting with the letter of the alphabet, exploring the darkness within. It is my exploration into exploring feeling via verse – available for free download as PDF for a limited time thanks to blogchatter here.

I hope you will explore my works and share your experiences of reading them – That would mean a lot to me!

A BIG Thanks to the Team at Theblogchatter.com for their support, guidance and helping me make my dreams come true! and publishing 2 ebooks.

I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Cheryl Sterling  whose Ebook WRITING TOOLS, 26 TIPS ON HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR WRITING BY CHERYL STERLING is also a part of the mix.

About Cheryl’s Ebook: Writing Tools, 26 Tips on How to Improve Your Writing delves into eighteen years of the author’s experience, sharing tips and tricks she wished she’d known when she started. From “A” Amazon Author Page to “Z” Zeroable Unnecessary Words in Your Manuscript, Writing Tips explores writing, marketing, and social media knowledge and shortcuts, making you a better writer. Explore the alphabet of writing tools with her and improve your writing.



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