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Coffee Tuesdays with isheeria #coffeetuesdays #isheeria

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#CoffeeTuesdays #NomNom & #TravelIST by #isheeria

Welcome to the 2nd edition of our coffee meet up!

Age irrespective, one of my all time favorite things is to catch up with my friends over coffee! Welcome Welcome… come on in, grab a cuppa & settle in! [sce emoji=”wink”/] 

Coffee Tuesdays with isheeria #coffeetuesdays #isheeria

I loved the review Romilaa did for my ebook collection of Poetry! I am humbled & over joyed by her words! Check out the review here. Big Thanks to Novermberschild

I had a very interesting weekend! Saturday evening I caught up with my friend and travel buddy, and we day-dreamed (with some practical google thrown in) of some travels in the next few months, while munching on potato wedges & a simple margherita pizza to die for!!! & offcourse, the mandatory coffee … Cold Coffee!

(PS: I am in love with this pizza.. like seriously!)

The Chocolate Room ishieta isheeria pizza The Chocolate Room .. where we had NO chocolates 😉

Sunday was a FULL day with a workshop on How the Mind Works in the morning, followed by Lunch at a new place, Greenr Cafe & attending the first ever TravelIST meet-up!

Greenr Cafe Thai Curry Rice ishieta isheeria Thai Curry Rice… nomnom! at Greenr Cafe

I met some wonderful, like-minded people, who shared stories upon experiences upon experiences upon stories, all over lots of cups & glasses of tea & coffee & bottles of… you guessed it! Water!! 

I even bumped into friends from long ago & another city – so coolly coincidental! 

Big thanks to @Living_Escaping @supsonthemove @bijoyv and everyone who was at the #TravelIST meetup in #Delhi… Awesomeness!!! 🙌 🙏 😘 💐 https://t.co/I89BAIfmL6

— Ishieta (@Ishieta) June 18, 2017

TravelIST meet up Delhi ishieta isheeriaTravelIST meet up at Greenr Cafe in Delhi

I am pretty blown away with the insights shared by Supriya, Ankita & Bijoy! 

The top most thoughts in my head from the stories shared by the speakers (& organizers) in this meet up are – 

I can struggle with making a living, & travel on holidays  (a.k.a. leaves) or whenever I can fit/squeeze/ push the travel into my life.. I don’t ever need to PAUSE my travel dreams … Thanks Bijoy for sharing your ‘real’ story!

Solo Travel in India for Women … is A-OKAY, POSSIBLE & SAFE! If Supriya hadn’t said this to me (& I reconfirmed that I hadn’t heard it wrong!) I would still be looking for a Travel buddy out of necessity  – Now, it is a choice to find friends to travel with!! [sce emoji=”whew”/] 

It was also interesting hearing about her Journey to creating a Career out of Travel & Related activities. A real life example of someone who has followed her dreams! #respect [sce emoji=”bow”/] Surpiya

Finally, Ankita, 1. She is cute as a button – You will meet her, and absolutely feel like she is your friend, whom you have known for, well, forever! 

Thank you Ankita for sharing your story, & the wonders of Bali! I think everyone attending wanted to just pack their bags and go exploring, right after the meet-up!  

All I can say is, come Join in the #TravelIST meet-up every week on Twitter … and discover some interesting travel stories! & a bunch of people that are great fun to chat with over a cup or glass of whatever!  Coffee isn’t even mandatory.. they are that great!

Come Join us for #CofeeTuesdays… Share your links in the comments 🙂 

Until our next coffee meetup, & more stories from my mundane life,



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