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Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers,

Team Isheeria Wishes you & Your family a very Happy & Colourful Holi!

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This is the last part of the 4 part series on the Festival of Holi. We hope you enjoyed the stories and rituals around this colorful festival.

The next day after Holi is Sampada Ka Dora.

On this day, one listens to Sampada Mata’s story and then wears the Dora around the neck. This is taken off on an suspicious day during Vaishakh Krishna Paksha.

If a son has been born during the year (i.e. between last Holi and this Holi) or a son has been married, then Feed the Brahmins.

Young girls do Gangaur Puja for 16 days, and on the completion of 16 days they distribute halwa and lapsi.

7-8 days after Holi is Basoda. On this day, Raavdi is made – and you do not take a needle in your hand. You pray to Sheetla Mata and only cold food is eaten.

DORA is made up of kaccha sut – which you ‘show’ to the bonfire on Holika Dahan. Then put 16 knots in it. It is dyed in Haldi.


Leave a comment & share your Holi stories & tell us if you want us to continue with the Festival series.

Blessed Be,
Team Isheeria


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