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F is for FENG SHUI

 Feng Shui with Isheeria

Feng Shui is a big part of my way of Life – We at Isheeria’s practice this in our own Lives, Homes and offer consultation for others who want to apply the benefits to their own Lives, Homes and Offices. So, What’s so special about Feng Shui? Read on  –

Feng Shui is the art of Man living in harmony with the environment. Feng Shui is a science – An ancient wisdom that teaches on to live in harmony with the forces of the universe.

Feng Shui is a blend of the Environmental Theory and the Flying Star theory.
It takes into account the physical features of your environment, the directions of your dwelling, and the birth details of you and the building, and the period of the house, and your current period and the current year.

The Ancient Chinese were great believed in Positive and Negative energy and that every object is predominantly Yin or Yang.

They worked with 5 Elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Feng Shui tells us how to bring all of these into balance.

Here is one of my favorite and a potent remedy which brings all the 5 elements together in Harmony and Balance –

  • Glass or Crystal Bowl
  • Water
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Metal Coins
  • Candle

Note – These can be separately kept together or incorporated into one arrangement.

You can read more about Feng Shui here.

If you would like to book a Feng Shui consultation for your Home or Office, contact us here or send an email to isheeriashealingcircles@gmail.com.

Blessed Be!

Ishieta @ Isheeria’s

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16 thoughts

  1. Isn’t Feng Shui more common sense than mumbo jumbo? What you have written about would add to the peace and quiet and general ambiance of a house/place. Isn’t it?

    1. Yes, Feng Shui is common sense. For example – If you have a tree directly in from of your main door – A FS consultant will say it stops the flow of Sheng Chi (positive energy), whereas, common sense also tells you that the tree (depending o the proximity) will block the free flow of air and light into the house. But, Feng Shui is also much more than just that.
      Thank you Unishta for visiting.

  2. Anything to do with energy appeals to me. I have not practised Feng shui yet though I do believe in achieving harmony in the environment. Will try with the five elements you have mentioned here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the idea of people living in harmony with the environment, I hope that will be the norm someday for everybody. Don’t know much about feng shui, but I am very intrigued by the yin and yang theory.

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