Funny Habits you are Thankful for #isheeria #thankfulthursdays


Welcome to another #ThankfulThursdays post 🙂

The prompt this time is super interesting … It is about celebrating 3 funny habits I have and I am thankful for ! 



Funny Habit 1:

The Colour PURPLE!

I love All things Purple and it is difficult (read: impossible) for me to resist any Purple

My collection includes, a Purple Pen, Purple Pencils, Purple Saree, Purple T-shirt, suits stitched, suit pieces…. basically, anyone gifts anything Purple in my vicinity to anyone in my family or friend’s circles means that it was meant for me 🙂 

I LOVE Black currant Ice-cream! (hehe, I am share you’d figured that out by now!)



Funny Habit 2:


I love to write the Date and Shop name/location of where i purchase a book from. If there is a story around it or an experience of it’s purchase- which usually there is, I like to add a little note to myself about it 🙂 


It’s been great to read these inscriptions years later,and recall the trip/ experience.

I usually try to pick up a book from every place I travel to.


Funny Habit 3:

Coffee! I like my coffee just-right! 1 sugar, not too light-not too strong, no foam! 


I love to inhale the fragrance of the coffee ... It feels like a warm embrace to me Click To Tweet


I happily send back my coffee for ‘corrections’ … I have only 1 rule – I must ENJOY my coffee!


I wonder if you will find my habits funny! Leave me a comment with your thoughts below 🙂



13 Responses

  1. ashiot

    September 15, 2017 5:09 pm

    I also like black currant ice-cream, but that has nothing to do with the colour purple! Let me guess, your favourite song is Purple Rain by Prince?

  2. momtasticworld

    September 19, 2017 1:06 am

    hehehe, those are funny yet cute habits. Your obsession for purple made me chuckle, I too have an obsession with black and red.


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