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Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles REader,

If you are born between 1st June- 20th June you are a Gemini, and ruled by Mercury and Moon. Together, these two planetary influences make you impulsive and rash, and at the same time very emotional. Unlike other combinations these two don’t pull you in opposing directions, but they do cause you a lot of heartache.  Mercury wants you heading out, wanting your freedom. Whereas the Moon has you craving for home and hearth.  As you mature you will be able to reconcile your restless, carefree nature with the caring and nurturing side of your personality.

You are very imaginative and sometimes lose track of the line between reality and fantasy.- between what you have and what you want. Indeed, it is a very rare Gemini for whom this line is not blurred!


You are outwardly cool, calm, and collected, but at heart you are really a child wanting to be known and loved for yourself. You are basically insecure and feel that others don’t reciprocate in the same manner. That they don’t do enough for you. You are burdened with the feeling that your life is one of  having to help, and be there for others, while they are not there for you. You feel unappreciated, put upon, and taken for granted. You need to be needed, to be appreciated.

You are practical and materialistic, but the one trait that you tend to ignore is the fact that you  know how to manipulate things in your favor.

The beauty of this zodiac sign is that once you come to understand yourself, and stop being a martyr, you will realize that you are the centre that is holding your family together. Their lives revolve around you. And this realization will set you free!!

Blessed Be!
Isheeria’s Healing Circles