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Gemini (II)

Dear Isheeria Healing Circles Readers,

Here is a nice, long (lengthy) article about the GEMINI – Hope you enjoy!

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If you are born between 21st May -20th June  you are a Gemini (both the dates are inclusive). An important point to remember is that if you were born during a cusp, ie. in the first or last 7 days of a zodiac sign, you will have traits of both the signs, with one of them being more dominant.

Being a Gemini your ruling planet is Mercury, your symbol is the Twins. Your keywords are freedom, restlessness, always active, dependable, anxious, and sensitive. You are observant, curious, charming, and popular.

It is difficult to pin down a Gemini. You love sports, but are also a bookworm. You excel in working with your hands and at the same time you need constant mental stimulation. You excel at multi- tasking.

Your duality is expressed in the extremes of your personality. On the one level you are bright, alert, fun loving, and on another level so depressed and miserable. Always seeming calm and collected you are the soul at parties, but basically at heart you are very lonely. You want to be known and loved for yourself.

You are quick tempered, outspoken, and intelligent. You love to gather knowledge, and need a good, all-round education. But your education is likely to have a break, or a change in the line that you are pursuing.

You tend to throw yourself whole-heartedly into a new project/ venture but have a tendency to lose interest mid-way, and leave it unfinished/ incomplete. What you need are projects of a short duration, that you are able to complete and feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

The Geminian memory of events are always a slightly different version of what really happened.

You always have a feeling of restlessness, but don’t know for what.  This is because the restlessness is from within you and not from some outside stimuli/ source. You should learn to pace yourself and to cultivate self-control.

You are vivacious, impulsive, spontaneous, and liable to be inconsistent. The key is to be able to hold your interest, to be able to keep you on your toes. You tend to live life at a hectic pace and don’t know how to slow down. You need a lively and varied lifestyle for you cannot cope with boredom and routines. This in turn can lead to a lot of tension and stress.

Like the Twins, there are two sides of you. You have great difficulty in choosing and deciding, whether it is related to your career or your relationships. You need your freedom but at the same time you need a stable and secure home and family life. You need the knowledge that in your flight of freedom you do have an anchor, something to come back home to.

When you love, you love deeply and whole-heartedly. If it doesn’t work out you are heartbroken and devastated. But, after that you’ll pick yourself up and move on. You don’t get stuck on ideas and situations- you know when to let go.

Friendship for you is very important and all your relationships are based on sound friendship. Without friendship ( i.e. mental compatibility ),  no relationship has a chance of lasting.

You will find parenthood exciting and challenging, and will enjoy your children once they begin to respond to you. You will be totally focused on encouraging them and stimulating their minds.  As they grow up you will be more of a friend to your children than a parent figure.

Your tastes and interests are so varied, that all fields are your forte. And you will likely be involved in more than one project at the same time.  What you really excel at is all forms of communications, and dealing with a variety of people… the more people the more you are in your element. (The only condition being that you are not tied down, bogged down by routine, or left on your own).

Although you are basically healthy and strong, stress and tension can lead to asthma and in more severe cases to addictions. Your weak areas are your chest, arms, and hands. Lungs and chest can cause problems if you don’t take care. Prone to insomnia.  Geminians need to regularly unwind and recharge themselves.


Your Planet- Mercury.

Your Element- Air.

Your Lucky Day-  Wednesday.

Your Lucky Number-  5.

Your Lucky Colours-   Orange. Yellow.  Beige.

Your Lucky Gemstones- Emerald.

Blesses Be!

Isheeria’s Healing Circles

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  • Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!

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