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Gratitude June #isheeria #SlimTurns3

Happy Birthday www.slimexpectations.com



Birthdays are such a wonderful time … They make us take a pause, and celebrate! Celebrate being alive and chasing our dreams!

On the occasion of my friend, Zainab’s blog turning 3, I too decided to be part of the celebrations and the Reflections and realized:

  • It has been so long since I actually took a pause!
  • Many Lessons have taken place (well, I didn’t exactly go looking for them!)
  • Reflections = Realizations = Gratitude!



My Gratitude List this May & June – 


  • Taking time off to study & complete an academic course
    (As an adult learner, it is a challenge to get back into the Student-Study-Exam mode!)


  • Re-connecting with people and forging friendships
    I have been very very fortunate to find people who are fun, interesting, wise and only a call, message and hug away!
  • Writing again
    Exams saw me writing pages upon pages of exam answers! – probably the only advantage of all this is that –

    • Writing by Hand Again (cursive and curly, and then all ants all over the page!)
    • Creative writing again 
      (Now you know how I am going to pass these exams!)


  • Dreaming again 🙂 

This month has given me the space to dream again – to look at my future and imagine what’s possible!


  • As a Healer, one of the kindest joys is when people reach out to you, and you are able to help them with pain relief and to get them started on their Healing Journey.

    This month has seen many people reach out for Distance Reiki and Tarot Guidance, and I am grateful to have been able to add to their journey in this lifetime.
  • Music!

    I rediscovered my love for songs  – I finally created different playlists for my different moods and have been listening to different singers and genres! 



I discovered a voice I really like – Arjun Kanungo (Leave me a song recommendation in the comment below) – I have been listening to him on repeat! 



Source: Hindustan Times


Reflections = Realizations = Gratitude! Click To Tweet


I would love to hear about the things that you are grateful for – let’s share some positivity and happiness and find more reasons for Gratitude in our lives! 🙂


This post is a part of Blog Birthday celebrations contest hosted by Zainab and Geethica


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