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valentine guide zodiac isheeria 2018

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Valentine Guide to Your Partner zodiac #isheeria

 Happy Valentine’s!

Welcome to a special guide for this very special relationship!

A Guide to keeping your partner interested, and the pitfalls to avoid, today and always!


 valentine guide zodiac isheeria 2018



A VALENTINE DAY REMINDER  – Guide to Your Zodiac Partner


If you are dating an Arian

Dress up. Be macho and individualistic. Show your success. Be adventurous.  One thing you can be sure of – if they like you they will not only court you, they will chase you till they get you to the altar. (or the Mandap, since we’re Indians). But remember, If you stray…if even your eyes stray…. It will likely be the end of the relationship. Your total focus should be on them.

The Zodiac of Arians are outgoing, lively, active and they love compliments. They are aggressive, passionate, and have a tendency to be jealous. They like to be considered as intellectuals and are flattered when you ask for advice and guidance. Once they are hooked you will find them to be trustworthy, and a loyal partner.

  • A must avoid—To dictate to them. Dominate them. Or give them orders. And definitely, don’t find faults with them- nothing irks them more.



If you are dating a Taurian

Impress them. Spend on them. They love having you lavish gifts on them. They are romantic, warm and loving. They are practical, home-loving, and cautious by nature. To win them you need to feed them….A meal cooked by you will really impress them. And don’t forget the little romantic touches. If you are serious about them, let them know how you feel and how much they mean to you. Give them the space and time that they need to make up their mind.

Taurians are strong-willed, patient, dependable, and have a great sense of humor. They are perfectionists, so if you are organizing anything it has to be perfect. And remember, this odiac doesnt like sudden changes.

  • A must avoid— Don’t needle them. Or push them into a corner. Don’t make a scene in front of a third person—it will immediately ruin your relationship.



If you are dating a Geminian

Be prepared for the unexpected, a change of plans at the last minute. They thrive on meeting people, talking non-stop, and having a blast. Be original. Be creative. Be inventive. Be knowledgeable. Be full of surprises. Be a challenge, a mystery, and an independent person. They won’t be able to resist you.  They have to first admire your brains and your guts then they’ll fall for you. Then there’s no stopping them….. They’ll be chasing after you.

Remember always that this the sign of the twins—hence the duality in their nature, in their choices, and their need for variety. Stimulate their mind, and keep them a little off-balance, and you’ll never lose their interest. You need to satisfy them mentally and emotionally. They appreciate honesty and sincerity and cannot accept any form of deception. So, whatever you do, don’t give them any reason to doubt you.

  • A must avoid— Don’t procrastinate, or upset their plans. If you want them or expect them to sit quietly at home, day in & day out—- you are asking for big trouble. Making the people of this zodiac jealous, or making them feel not sure about your feelings for them, is a sure shot at breaking up this relationship.



If you are dating a Cancerian

Be thoughtful, be caring. And ask about their family….including their dog. They will always put family first. They are home loving, bound by their sense of duty, thrifty. Looks are not all that important to them… it is your caring nature, and your attentiveness, your attention to them and constant reassurances which attracts them. The more handy  you are around the house the better. And don’t forget to appreciate their homemaking skills, be it cooking or crafts. And, most important of all, share a good relationship with their mother.

The people of this zodiac are romantic day-dreamers, old-fashioned in their beliefs. They will likely drop gentle clues to show that they are interested, and wait for you to pick up on them. But, please remember, no role reversals. The man has to court, to woo, and then propose. And the blessings of the whole family is very important to them. Once they give you their heart they will cherish and protect you always.

  • A must avoid— Don’t forget their Special days. And don’t ever say anything bad about their family or close ones. Don’t ever betray them in any way. They will take a very long time to forgive, and will never forget. You will never manage to fill or overcome this void in the relationship.



If you are dating a Leo

Dress up. Be lavish in your style. Impress them. People of the zodiac Leo like to be noticed, to be center-stage. Show them off, claim them in public, show your appreciation of them. You need to always look good, polished, confident, and stand up to them. But, remember, to always let them have the last word. They need to be the boss, to be in charge…. Otherwise, be prepared for a full-fledged tantrum. They need a relationship that is intense and exciting and the knowledge that their partner is devoted to them

 They are proud, sensitive, vulnerable, and need constant reassurance but cover it up well. They thrive on compliments and praise. Flattery will get you far with them. Feed their ego and the relationship is sure to last. They need their space and their freedom. And to feel in- charge, that they are the decision makers. Once they give their hearts they will do almost anything for you.

  • A must avoid— Don’t ever give them an ultimatum. Don’t ever embarrass them in public. Leos will never forget, and never forgive.



If you are dating a Virgoan

Be immaculately dressed. Know the latest fashion trends. Be confident. Be interesting. Be at your best. And don’t be tardy. Remember, they notice everything. They are perfectionists personified. They only like the best. If they can’t show you off then they’re not interested. You should be well qualified, a thorough professional, have a purpose and a goal in life. And you should know everyone who is worth knowing. Always keep your word. They take a long time to make up their mind, but will ditch you at the slightest provocation. They like to socialize, but in small groups. Once they make a commitment it’s for life.

They are reserved, even-tempered and love to talk. They like to have everything carefully planned out, and well in advance. This zodiac won’t  jump into a relationship without looking into the future. They want a partner who is practical, ambitious, and exactly like themselves. They take love and commitment very seriously.

  • A must avoid— Don’t be sloppy, disheveled, casual, or messy in any way. Don’t criticize them. Be late for an appointment with them, and you may never see them again.



If you are dating a Libran

Dress beautifully. Take pains with your accessories. Be romantic. With a Libran it’s all about the romance, and the niceties of life. They hate conflict and will do their utmost to avoid it. They love to shop, to decorate, but dislike getting their hands dirty. They are natural flirts and don’t know how to be anything less. But, the point to remember about them is that they don’t cheat. They will stay in a troubled relationship and the thought of a separation will not even cross their minds. They like being married.  But a relationship without romance is something they will never be able to bear….they will definitely go wandering. They cannot live without their fantasy and their romance.

They are good conversationalists, and can have long discussions on practically any topic. They love to be pampered, coddled, romanced. Once committed in a relationship they will do their utmost to maintain peace and harmony.

  • A must avoid—Don’t bind them. They need to regularly socialize. Don’t be unfair or unjust about anything. It will always get their attention as the question of playing fair is integral to them. Don’t ever point out or make fun of the fact that their friendships don’t seem to last long…. This is a sure way to ensure that your relationship too will not last.



If you are dating a Scorpian

Be smart. Be sexy. Be mysterious. They love it when they can’t get ahold of you, can’t possess you. Show them that you have great depth. They love a challenge. The art is in showing your interest but being just out of reach….this will keep them interested. They are all about knowing you thoroughly well but keeping their own lives private. For them, there is a deep line between loving and being in love. They are inherently jealous and will always remain jealous. They need to be in control at all times.

People who belong to this zodiac are fascinating, with an aura of mystery around them. The side of them that you see is the side they want you to know. They are sensitive, vulnerable, and get hurt easily. They need your complete attention. In return you will find them to be considerate and loving.

  • A must avoid—Don’t be insistent or disrespectful. Don’t taunt them, or betray them. Wounded, they are bound to strike back. Don’t accuse them of being overly emotional.


If you are dating a Sagittarian

Be ready for lots of surprises, and last minute plans. Show them you are able to take whatever curve they throw at you. They like adventure, variety, testing new grounds. They need companionship. And they need freedom. They don’t like routine.

They are imaginative, fun loving, ambitious, freedom-loving. They are straight-forward, blunt, but don’t wish to hurt anyone. Life with this zodiac can never be boring.

  • A must avoid—Don’t question their ethics or their sense of responsibility. Don’t ever comment on how disorganized they are. And don’t try to tie them down….if you do it will spell the end of your relationship.



If you are dating a Capricorn

Be smart. Be impeccable. Be successful at whatever you do. And show them your success. They may appear cold and aloof, but it is just a façade. They are emotionally insecure but like to appear in control. They like to be treated well , and expect the very best of everything. They believe in complete equality and will not shy away from their share of the hard work.  Appreciate them and ask for their advice. They are independent, achievers, and don’t suffer fools gladly. They are traditionalists at heart. Hard working and serious….you will need to teach them to lighten up.

They don’t trust easily, and once they do, it’s for life.  This zodiac is attracted to people who are intellectually stimulating and who keep their word. They seek companionship and someone who can fit into their life. They like being pursued. They want to be cherished, honored, respected. And once committed they too will love, cherish, honor and respect you. For them, marriage is for keeps.

  • A must avoid— Don’t tell them that you feel they are tight-fisted. Don’t belittle their ambitions or their achievements. Don’t ever betray their trust….there will be no going back.



If you are dating an Aquarian

Be fascinating. Be stimulating. Be funky. Think outside the box. They can talk about anything and everything. Understanding this zodiac is a life-long task. They are individualistic, carefree, unbound. They can take criticism well. They are tolerant. Expect the unexpected with them. There are no boundaries. Be self-sufficient. Have a deep purpose or goal in life. They are likely attracted to your dreams. They are searching for their soul-mate.

They are charming and tantalizing, outgoing, and very concerned about others. They are optimistic, friendly, and like to flirt. They are not overtly emotional. They are open-minded. Love yourself and they will too. They will remain loyal and devoted. Life with them can never be boring.

  • A must avoid—Don’t try to change their views. Don’t let them become isolated. Don’t nag them about their mistakes….. you will alienate yourself.



If you are dating a Piscean

Be positive. Be decisive. Be the shoulder they can rest on. They are very emotional and get caught up in everyone’s story. So it falls on you to be the savior. They are sensitive, creative, and not big on practical matters. They are quite happy to leave the reins of the house to you. They are romantics, with a very soft heart. Music and dance are a part of who they are.

If you are thoughtful, sentimental, affectionate, your relationship with a person of this zodiac will be a rewarding one. Once they commit themselves they tend to relinquish their own desires and ambitions and devote themselves to you. They need to feel emotionally secure.

  • A must avoid—Don’t try to tie them down to a routine. Don’t question their loyalty,  Don’t comment on their tendency to interfere…. A sure shot way to have them wanting to ignore you.


We hope this has been a helpful post, and you will find it easier now to enjoy spending time with your loved one. Did you recognise these traits in yourself and your partner? Leave us a comment below.

Happy Valentine’s!

Team Isheeria


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