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#Happy by @misra_amrita #isheeria

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Reader,

Welcome to my birthday carnival exploring the question –

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“Do I deserve to be Happy? 



Do I deserve happiness?

Happiness is the bigger plan, but it is also the journey.The big and small joys all add up and make your life a  big melting pot of happiness. Do I deserve happiness?

This is as a question, a sad one.

Don’t let it enter your heart.It will eat you from inside, and make you a red beacon for trouble makers and all the bad sorts.We are Gods children and we deserve happiness.

Love happiness and peace are all inside out projects.

Yes,  I deserve to be happy.I am a good person and never harm anyone intentionally and do my best to follow the path shown by God.I deserve all the happiness in this world and beyond.


9 Things I do every day to be happy from inside:

1)When I treat a patient I give my very best professional advice.It may or may not be what they want to hear.But it is will definitely be the most sincere and honest advice I can give from my professional knowledge and experience.

2)Pray .Not as a 5 minutes activity, but like a conversation with God

3)Exercise I never ever skip this one.If I can’t walk, I lift weights, spot jog or do skipping.But nothing will stop me from my exercise fix.

4)Play and cuddle my daughter as many times as possible.I know the love and care I show towards her will help make her secure emotionally.Plus she is not going to be this age forever.Better get my cuddles!

5)Never miss catching up with a friend.Tidy up my home.One drawer at a time.Makes me feel less out of control.

6)Write every day, on my blog, guest post, book, whatever.Just write.

7)Read every day a few pages of a physical book.

8)Dress up and take care to look good.

9)Look after my balcony garden.

My own little green corner has made me very happy.It is a source of countless moments of joys throughout the day.

Best part, the birds, and butterflies in the neighborhood keep popping over and saying hello.

When I  live with God in my heart, honesty in my work and health on my side, why would I  let anything or anyone rob me of my happiness?

The 3 Quotes which always make me happy:

“Peace is something like happiness; you cannot say “I will be happy when…” and you can’t say “I will be peaceful when…” Your happiness shouldn’t depend on the situation you’re in nor on the circumstances that surround you. In the same breath, you cannot wait for everything around you to become peaceful in order for you to say “I am peaceful.” In both happiness and peace, there is a heart of strength, determination and steadfastness; a heart that has the power to make things happen. You have to be at peace. You have to be happy. Now.”
C. JoyBell C.

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”  Abraham Lincoln

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say,
and what you do are in harmony.”
Mahatma Gandhi

I deserve to be happy and so do you.Comment below to let me know, how you keep happy.


Dr. Amrita Basu is someone who is enthusiastic and supportive of everyone, and all ideas 🙂 She is the epitome of a superwoman! How she doctors, teaches, mothers, blogs and is a great support to others in the community is truly extraordinary!

Thank you Amrita for being one of the first people to kick off my birthday celebrations on our chat itself! Thank you for being a part of the celebrations 🙂

About the wonderful Author:

AMRITA Isheeria happy

Dr. Amrita Basu is an ENT surgeon, teacher in a medical college, author and mommy to a five-year-old little girl. She started writing two and a half years back when she realized she had a passion for sharing healthy lifestyle stories.

She is the author of two books,

Fruits for Life: Nutrition secrets your doctor won’t tell,

Picky Eaters: Guaranteed hacks to make you happy and several publications online and offline.

She is the creator of Healthwealthbridge one of the top health –wellness mom blogs in India. Dr. Amrita has been featured in several top publications online and in print. Through the Healthwealthbridge blog and books .Dr. Amrita offers a refreshing perspective about living healthy, loving life and praying hard.

If she is not researching her latest book, you can find her reading, pottering about her balcony garden or playing with her daughter.

Though she will forever be a Kolkata girl at heart, she shares a special relationship with Delhi and now lives in Malda town(India) with her husband and daughter.

Social links:

Instagram: healthwealthbridge_dramrita
Facebook: HWBdramrita
Twitter: misra_amrita
Pinterest: drAmritaHWB


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