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Welcome to my birthday carnival exploring the question –
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Do I deserve to be Happy?


Shubhda was looking out from the crumbling balcony of this aged old eerie house, her eyes were searching for the old Mango tree which was right outside the veranda all she can see today is pile of concrete. Some circumstances made people take harsh decisions, same happened with Shubhda. She was the only child of her parents, who passed their property in her name when she married to Gautam. He is a good man, reserved but a complete family man. His love for Shubhda was of few words but he never forgets to bring gajras for her on all special occasions. When their son was born, Gautam doubled his efforts to earn a decent lifestyle and save for future. He got complete support from Shubhda, life was full of struggle for them, but they were happy. Arnav is a happy gleeful boy,  Gautam’s work was expanding and he got placed oversees for a very influential project. Shubhda alone fulfilled roles of both parents. After few months, the pinch of separation started hitting bad and she asked Gautam to return; he explained her the project is very important for them. Months turned into years but Gautam never returned home. All she receives is money and weekly phone calls, her attempts to call him back went to deaf ears.

It was 17th birthday of Arnav, when they received a registered mail – a divorce decree from Gautam’s lawyer. Shubhda’s world toppled upside down. She could not believe her eyes… how could Gautam do this to me? What did I do so wrong? Why is he divorcing me? Has he found someone else? All these questions were badgering her when Arnav said – let him die alone! Shubhda, slapped him in reflex reaction and cried her heart out to her son. As they say time is the biggest healer… slowly time has moved and Shubhda got involved with her work and Arnav’s life. She severed all ties with Gautam and dedicated her time between Arnav & teaching school kids.

Arnav is well placed and doing very well in life, he is a doting son who never leaves his mother. Shubhda is happy to see her son grow & becoming a better human being. She receives a call from a familiar voice saying I am back!!! These three words took her into whirlwind emotions. Arnav was not keen to meet his dad, but after meeting Gautam and learning that he is fighting last stage of leukaemia Shubhda acknowledged his return but Arnav – no. Slowly the most lovable relationship started turning sour, and lastly, it’s choose between him or me.

First time in her life, Shubhda heard her heart and left a note before leaving – I chose Gautam not because I love him more than you; you are my soul, my life, I am choosing him because I want to make a dying man understand what he really missed all his life!

Today standing on the attic of this depleted house she is looking at it last time. She sold this house to cave out path of new life, to bring a rehabilitation centre for cancer survivor children. Is she happy? Her husband is died of cancer, her son has still not able to bridge the gap completely but she is happy, she is happy – for the fact she is doing something which she loved the most – to be with kids, take care of them.

We go through ups & downs but the true winner is one who finds happiness in all situations. There is always a ray of hope, a tiny light at the end of the tunnel – all we need is HOPE. Be happy this world is beautiful place, make it yours with a smile and open arms. I deserve to be happy for the life I have been blessed to live. I deserve to be happy for my loved ones. I deserve to be happy for myself.


Dipika is the kind of girl you want to give a hug to and chat with over a cup of coffee!

Thank you Dipika for participating in my birthday celebrations.


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