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#Happy by @NatsCosmicrain #isheeria

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Reader,

Welcome to my birthday carnival exploring the question –

“Do I deserve to be Happy?”

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When Ishieta sent me an email asking me to write a blogpost for her posing the question, “Do I deserve to be happy?” I was flabbergasted for a moment. My prompt response was of course I deserve to be happy and so does everyone else. One cannot be deprived of happiness, and when it comes calling at your door, welcome it with open arms and ask it to stay over for breakfast, lunch and supper, intact the longer the better. After all happiness is transitory just like everything else in life. 

isheeria happy


Our good, joyful days are sure to be followed by tough, challenging ones. Life is not always a bed of roses and even if we chose to look at it with those rose tinted glasses, there will be those moments of despair when we will want to throw up our arms and give up. But the point is not to give up ever, to be gentle to oneself and to keep trying. Happiness can be elusive at times but not for very long. It will certainly make its way into our lives if we believe so. Winter always turns into spring, similarly our rough days will surely give way to days that are our spring of happiness.


Every single person deserves to be happy. And happiness is a personal choice. I have seen some people choose not to be happy and continue to complain about things that they did not get, people who did not behave the way they wanted them to, unfulfilled desires, demands that were not met, when things did not work the way they wanted them to and so on so forth. Then there are those who chose to be happy irrespective of what comes there way. For them happiness is a state of mind. They do not get deterred unnecessarily. Yes they face their problems and look at them squarely in the eye and instead of saying, “Why me?”, they turn around and say, “Come try me!”

I have always strived to be amongst the latter category of people. Yes, I have had 

challenging phases in my life when however hard I have tried I have faltered and not been able to keep my happiness quotient up. But that mostly is now a thing of the past, as I have realised over the years that my happiness is mostly dependent on me and not external factors or people. If I chose to be happy I allow nothing to come in its way and make me feel otherwise. One sure shot way to stay happy I have realised it stop trying to control everything in life and learning to let go. The more we hold on to things, people, situations the more they slip from our hands like sand clenched in our first. So letting go and flowing with the process of life ensure us the much deserved happiness as well.

Most people know me as a free spirited, happy-go-lucky person. Yes that is me! But little do they know that the same person has also braved very long bouts of depression, in the past and emerged victorious. I’m like the warrior who fought the battle bravely, ended up with some battle wounds and those are what make me stronger and wiser. So when posed with a question about me deserving to be happy, I vehemently say I deserve all the happiness the universe has to offer and to stay that way till I cross over the rainbow.

My mentor Daisaku Ikeda sums up happiness beautifully in the quote below: 


Daisaku Ikeda quote isheeria

Natasha is someone I find hard to describe in words – simply put, she is sunshine poured into a person!
A conversation with her is also the inspiration  behind this #Happy series on the occasion of a milestone birthday 🙂

Thank you Natasha for being a part of my birthday celebrations.

About the wonderful Author:

natasha isheeria

Natasha Sinha is a Writer & Blogger, mommy to 2 cherubic angels & an adventurer and traveller.

Follow her journeys & epiphanies on: http://natashamusing.com/ & connect on Twitter: @NatsCosmicrain & Instagram: natzcosmicrain

Spread the #happy happiness – comment and share. #isheeria

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12 thoughts on “#Happy by @NatsCosmicrain #isheeria

    • Thank you so much Doc, and thank you Ish for giving me such a beautiful and heartwarming identity. Touched. Thank you for reading Doc and I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  • I am quoting an amazing quote from Lord Buddha as response to this superb happiness post

    Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.

  • I really touched by reading it, Natasha how much closer you are to the divinity, happiness is really an state of mind, and one has to train his or her mind…but all these thoughts disappears if one experiences continuous episode of unhappiness…

    • Thank you Pramodji. That’s true, it’s about training the mind, though sometimes constant bouts of challenges may make it difficult to keep our head bobbing above the water but if we continue to do so, we will definitely experience joy and bless.

  • I actually used to believe I didn’t deserve happiness. When many good things happened to me I would feel undeserving, it actually made no logical sense, I mean of course I deserved happiness. It took me quite a while to figure that out though. It is a choice, and I think I didn’t resale that, so I was surrounded by unhappy people and it mad me think that I should be unhappy too. I am glad I realised I just needed to find happier people to be around who wouldn’t make me feel bad for being happy. Really great read!

    • Thanks Mac. I’m so glad you found your rainbow. Life is too beautiful to be wasted being unhappy. xoxox Hugs

  • […] I haven’t written since last Thursday. For some reason weekends snow ball into a busy time, and though I did try sitting down to write last evening, I drew simple blanks. So this morning after much thought and deliberation which also included exploring writing prompts, I chose to write yet again on happiness. I recently wrote one guest post on Isheita’s blog, as part of her birthday week celebration. You can read it here – Do I Deserve to Be Happy? […]

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