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Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Reader,

Welcome to my birthday carnival exploring the question –

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“Do I deserve to be Happy?”



You know, it’s a strange thing but at some point, of our lives each one of us has asked ourselves this question. You may be fat, thin, short, tall, rich or poor – you have asked this question …


But I wish to counter this question and ask that why does something like this even come to our mind? What is that pulls us down to such an extent that we try to question something that should come to us as naturally as breathing. I mean whatever, the situation, whatever life ditches out at us or whatever we do, do we stop breathing, so, why question happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind, which flows through from a feeling of contentment. Sadly, we today as human beings have forgotten how to be content. In this eternal race for material happiness we have lost sight of our inner true needs.

Our needs are basic, to be loved and to give love. Human beings are intrinsically social beings and need contact. However, we have even tried to define this love. Why is it that it is called love only when given by a parent or a spouse? Your friends could love you, your dog could love you, heck, your colleagues could love you too.

Most importantly we need to remember that we need to love ourselves before anyone else will. If we choose to be happy, happiness will find its way and attract happy people around us.

Yes, it really does come down to choice. We actually choose to be unhappy. We choose to let a situation bog us down. We choose to let our fears make us sink into an abyss so large that climbing out feels like a herculean task.

We need to open our eyes, our hearts and our minds to this love and fight because  there is nothing to be gained by our unhappiness. It only pulls us down and doesn’t let us grow as human beings. It also takes down our near and dear ones. Unhappiness has a way of multiplying but luckily, so does happiness. A positive and happy individual will be able to spread the joy and rub off on everyone.



Step back and look at yourself and believe.

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Each one of us not only deserves to be happy but also has the right to happiness. A right to smile and give thanks for another day in this tough but wonderful life.



Ridhii is a dear friend and another pet lover! She is the kind of person who lights up a room with just her smile!

Thank you Ridhi for being a part of my birthday celebrations!

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