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Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Reader,

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‘Do I deserve to be Happy?’







Do I want to be happy? The answer is obvious, I want that feeling. In addition, I would also like to feel loved, appreciated, and valued. I have the same basic human needs and the desire to feel fulfilled in these areas is a normal part of my emotional makeup.

Yes, I deserve to be happy because I am alive and kicking. Not in the classic sense but in a biological fashion. I am built in a way to use happiness as a tool to assess the world that environs me. It’s in my genes, in my nature, to be happy.  Happiness is at the core of my experiences – it is as unintelligible to deny myself the feeling as it is to deny the practice of eating or sleeping or breathing. Happiness is a vital part of my survival.

isheeria happy celebrations


Yes, I deserve to be happy because my pain is not useful to anyone. The more I grieve and suffer, the less I grow, and the less I connect. When I am miserable, I shrink into the second-rate versions of myself. When I am happy, I thrive. I love to burn brightly enough to light up those around me, and my life takes on a stronger, more consequential rationale.  

Yes, I deserve to be happy because I am not my past. I am not the choices I made or the chances I took when I didn’t know better than to take them. I deserve to be happy because the past cannot be distorted but the future’s still wide open. There are a thousand better roads left to walk down. I deserve to be happy because the people who have made the most errors have the greatest ability to warn others away from those mistaken paths.

Yes, I deserve to be happy because there is no sense in not being myself. The more I hide, the more I shake, the more I run away into the hushed recesses of existence, the more I deny the world the power that’s within me. And the world deserves that power. It deserves the encouragement of people who come alive through what they hope for. The world doesn’t need people half-fulfilling someone else’s dream: It needs people who are fully embodying their own and I want to belong to this group.

Yes, I deserve to be happy because the voice in my head is telling me otherwise is fear. And fear has no notion of the exactness. The truth is that happiness wants me– in all of my flawed, defective splendour. It wants me to come as I am, leave my baggage at the door and take a chance on becoming more myself – the version that I have always been too terrified to be. I deserve to be happy because happy people make their lives substance – and what else can I ask for than that.

I find the positive things in life everywhere I seem to be. I can always find motivation to be happy. I do good things and try to help others, too. By making others happy, I know that I deserve great happiness as well. I know what I want and I am willing to take the required actions to make it happen. Today, I am looking for even more reasons to be happy. No matter what the world has told me, I deserve to be happy.

isheeria happy celebrations



Romilaa apart from being a blogger and social influencer, is a nice human being and guide! 
For a newbie such as myself, to find a friend who is funny & encourages me on my blogging journey – is a great find!
Conversations with her are endless & fun- the perfect combination!

Thank you Romilaa for participating in my birthday celebrations.

About the wonderful author –

romilaa isheeria

Romilaa a.k.a Novemberschild is a proud member of the Thirty’s club. She is an experienced blogger who has been around since 2004. She is a voracious reader, e-book author, devoted coffee-drinker, avid thinker and a fashion lover who has a huge collection of bags. Music is her passion and you can find her writing most of the time. She is extremely friendly, helpful and a happy person.

She accepts bouquets and brickbats on her writings. She blogs at Novemberschild.com and can be connected on Twitter @romspeaks.

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19 thoughts on “#Happy by @romspeaks #isheeria

  • Thank you Ishieta for giving me this opportunity to be a part of your birthday celebrations. Much love and gratitude for publishing my post in your blog. Happy Birthday and may god bless you with tons of hits/views/comments.

  • Wonderful expressions Roms. Much happiness joy and love your way.
    Ish you birthday girl, celebrate in style and live it up. Hugs

  • As always Romila you have magic in your writing. Agree with all the reasons to be happy. We are happy because nature wants us to be happy always.

  • To a certain extent, happiness is a choice. While it’s impossible to control everything that happens to you, you can control your internal thought processes and the actions you take and he happy. Very well written Bibaji

  • Thank you Romi ji for sharing the post with me. Being happy with what you have is a matter of focusing on the good things in your life, letting go of unrealistic burdens and expectations, and doing your best to make yourself feel good in the here and now.

  • Sorry for the late response madam. You have swag in your writing too. I am glad to know you.

    The fact that you have been happy in the past is something to be thankful for. No one else in the world has your happy memories, so you are uniquely privileged in this way. Wishing you all the happiness.

  • To be as happy as possible, be sure to spend time with the people who are most important to you — the people who make you happiest. GoodLuck. Sharing it on Twitter.

  • I am so happy, not just in your blog but your posts are doing well in other blogs too. Wish to write a post your blog soon. Spread happiness as you have always being doing in life – both online and offline. You are making me to join social media and blog soon.

  • Got your link on WA from vicky veer, what an amazing post. It has now given me some happiness goals to be achieved in life. Waheguru bless you.

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