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Happy Women’s Day!
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There are some wonderful women that I have met between Valentine’s & today, whom, I must say, I absolutely respect, trust and adore, and am blessed to have befriended. In this 1 month they have been supportive, helpful & guided me – each in their own way.

So, if you want to read something awesome-intelligent-heartwarming-informational-real-authentic… visit them all!
(Like me, you will soon be re-visiting to read moooooooooore)

Dr. BushraRomilaa, Dr. AmritaZainab, Shalini, Tina, DipikaNatasha and Mayuri (I have stalked her for years! & Now, I can call her a friend 🙂 who is just a DM away).

From this day forth, referred to as the Devi’s of the Blogging World!
(how symbolic is it, Navratri has 9 days & so does my list)

Now, Let’s talk about some Goddesses from our world too – Yes, Women embody the attributes of all the Goddesses, on this day, Let’s celebrate the Goddess in each of You!

Each woman has the aspects (and powers) of the Devi – 

Saraswati ( Creation) – She embodies the Teacher in us. She is the Goddess of Learning and Arts and Culture, Intelligence and Knowledge.

Lakshmi (Preservation) – She embodies the Manager in us. She is the Goddess of Wealth, Money and Fertility. She is the harbinger of prosperity and joy.

Parvati or Durga (Destruction) – She embodies the Protector in us. She is the Goddess of power and brings about transformation (all women have this innate skill of creating something out of nothing, out of chaos even). She helps us use anger and strength to stand up against wrong doing and protect ourselves and our loved ones. She will fight any demon, and emerge victorious.

Did you know,
that Devi means “shining one ” …
so Devi-yo…Shine On!

Blessed Be,

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