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JUNE – YOU! Born in this month!

Every month brings with it an interesting shift  – People born in different months have distinctively different personalities – We begin the series from this month on YOU!

Each month we will bring to you the a little write up about the person you are, the kind of life you lead and what’s going on! really!


You are the child of the Moon if you are born in the month of June, and like the Moon you tend to hide your “true” self. Only your very close ones know the “real” you.  – your emotions, your thoughts, and your personal life. You tend to react strongly to anyone or anything trespassing on your personal turf. You find it difficult to turn off your feelings, but do not like to be considered over-sensitive.

By nature you are a nurturer, and naturally gravitate towards the security of hearth and home. You have a strong nesting instinct, to provide and protect. Your family is extremely important as it ‘roots’ you in place. Your instinct is to move along with the current of events, and not against it. You are guided by what you feel to be true. You place your trust in your memories, instincts, and dreams. Your unconscious acts as your silent partner. Your intuition is very strong. Your capacity to love is tremendous, and comes to you naturally. You need to love, and to belong, as this makes you feel secure.

Being the child of the Moon makes you flexible and adaptable, and that means you can survive almost anything.  You constantly administer to the needs of others but find it difficult to handle your own needs which you regard as a liability. When you are in a position of ‘needing’ something you react like a child, with singular focus, not tolerating any form of distraction.

Like the Moon your life too fluctuates, and you can go through the whole spectrum in the span of a day, or over a period of years. You understand that this is how life works.  It has its ups and downs, highs and lows but that is how life is- especially for you. You believe that there is a time and place for everything, and that if you are patient your time will come. You see everything in cycles, for your life is constantly changing, fluctuating, and being renewed.


Blessed Be!

Isheeria’s Healing Circles

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