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Welcome back to Isheeria’s Healing Circles!

Yesterday, we talked about the personality of those born in the month of June. Now let’s look at the sun sign you fall under, depending on the date you are born in this month – and what this can tell us about you.

Being born in the month of June makes you a child of the Moon, but if you are born between 1st. June and 20th.June you are a Gemini, which would mean that Mercury along with the Moon has a major influence on you.  Whereas, if you are born between 21st. June and 30th. June you are a Cancerian, which would mean that the Moon alone has a very strong influence on you.

Being a Gemini, Mercury’s influence gives you a dual personality, and the two sides of your personality co-exist together, and are always warring with each other and pulling you in different directions making you the most difficult personality of the zodiac to understand.

At heart you are highly ambitious, and are subtle, quick, brilliant, and gifted with a strong imagination. But your restlessness, makes you seldom know what you want to achieve. At the same time you lack continuity of purpose makes it difficult for you to see the culmination of your efforts.  By the time you reach your goal you have already lost interest and moved on.

Teaching is your forte , and travel is a must for you. Your life will be filled with interesting events.

You make friends easily, but tend to undermine your friendships and relationships by bickering and quarrelling about unnecessary things. You have a tendency to focus on your work, or the project you are currently involved in to the exclusion of all else, which will most likely impact on your home environment and your marriage.


Being a Cancerian, your life will be full of contradictions. Of great highs and lows, and many turn- arounds. The major hurdle in life for you is to make decisions. Although, once convinced about what you want to do, even in the face of strong opposition and seemingly insurmountable obstacles you will still persevere to achieve what you set out to do.

Children will bring you great happiness, not only while growing up, but even when they are individuals in their own right. Your need to nurture, to guide, to protect  will all come to the fore and give you a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Blessed Be!

Isheeria’s Healing Circles