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Happy Krishna Janmasthami.

Welcome to the Guidance from the Universe.
This is a timeless reading – so whenever you find this, the messages and guidances are for you.
I am using the Krishna Consciousness Deck.

Take a deep breath and think of the Almighty, God, Higher Power, the Universe, Lord Krishna – Whatever you have faith in.
Now select Pile 1 or Pile 2 :

Krishna Consciousness Guidance
Krishna Consciousness Guidance

Now go ahead and read the messages –


The Universe is guiding you to perform your duty. Do what is desired/required of you. We are all tied in this cycle of karma – no one can escape it.

Now also remember to share your bounties – you have enough for your needs and some extra too. Share it with others.

Remember the golden rule – What you give, you get back.


The Divinity is working for you and your happiness in this long journey of your soul.

Flow with the Rhythm

Allow all the things to take their rightful positions on their own so that they can produce an effect. Do not judge anything but flow with the time.

I hope you found this guidance reading to be helpful. Leave me a comment and share this with anyone else who you feel is looking for that little tip from the universe.

Blessed Be!

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