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Leo in Relationships – II #isheeria #zodiac #relationships #Leo

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers,

Part 2 in the Relationship Series – In this article we will talk about the relationship Leos’ enjoy with all the other zodiac signs.

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LEO ————-LEO

This is a beautiful relationship as long as you don’t become competitive and begin to compete against each other.  Both will need to remember that you are very similar and both have an inherent need to be the leader, to be the boss- but in practice there can be only one, hence, there has to consciously be much of cooperation and willingness to share.


This is a relationship of opposites. You will both need to put in effort to make this relationship work. To understand each other and to make adjustments.  Leo is brash compared to the finicky Virgo. If you are not careful you will stifle each other.



A very stimulating relationship, in which both of you have a lot to give each other. But an understanding of your basic differences is very crucial. The Leo is aggressive, dominating, and very decisive, and all about rushing in. Whereas, the Libran is a peace maker, and a seemingly indecisive person, and all about taking the time to weigh the situation very carefully. Both of you have trouble accepting this facet of the other’s personality.

A difficult relationship where both will need to make compromises. Both of you are strong personalities wanting the same things and having similar goals in life, but your approaches are diametrically  opposite.



This is a harmonious relationship, where you both like and respect each other. As long as you don’t try to change each other this relationship will be an excellent one. In fact, you are the perfect foil for each other, balancing and grounding the other.



A relationship of opposites, which should theoretically  not work. But your goals in life are the same, and if you meet each other half way then this can be a roaring success.



This is a love-hate relationship. Leo is very predictable, and Aquarius just as unpredictable, which will tend to drive you both crazy.  But if you are both ready to break the impasse and make adjustments then it can be a beautiful relationship.



A complementary relationship,  but unpredictable.  If you understand each other, then it could be a good one. If Leo becomes dominating,  the relationship will unravel.



A winning, dynamic relationship where both want the same things, and want to succeed and be the best. The problem will arise when the “we” becomes “I”. Both have strong personalities and want to be center-stage.



A complementary relationship, but one in which you do not understand the other, and are not prepared to make the first move. If both of you make an effort then this relationship can really work.



A harmonious relationship where you understand each other.  You provide stability and security to each other, and give each other space to be themselves.



You complement and nurture each other with Leo being outgoing and wanting the limelight, and Cancer focusing on the home front.  As long as you accept and don’t try to change the other this is a rewarding relationship, where you have much to give each other.

Blessed Be!

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