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LIBRA – The Librans’ born in SEPTEMBER

Dear Isheeris’s Healing Circles Reader,


If you are born between 23rd Sept and 30th Sept you are a Libran, and a “true” child of Venus, meaning that Venus alone has a very strong influence on you. As a child of Venus you are charming, easygoing, detached, fair minded, and well -groomed.  You love to socialize and be surrounded by people.

You are sensitive, artistic, aesthetic, sensitive, and take your time in making up your mind and reaching any decision by carefully weighing all your options and looking carefully at both sides of the picture. But you take so long that it gives the impression that you are indecisive.

Being a child of Venus you are good looking, charming, diplomatic, and a born tactician. Refined and idealistic your focus is on the world outside the home. You are very conscientious about how you come across in society. It’s not enough to make an impression- it has to be the “right” impression.

Partnership and romance are very important for your self-image, and you will have a partner for every walk in life. You need to be careful in choosing your friends and partner as you are susceptible to flattery.

You were born under the influence of the planet of peace and harmony, and your role in life is to correct the imbalances, to bridge the gaps, and to make relationships work. Love, beauty, harmony, and justice are very dear to you.

You dislike disharmony of any kind, and will go to great lengths to bring back the harmony. You prefer not to confront, but instead to diplomatically avert a situation- which at times can lead to people not being happy with you, and not trusting you. You want everyone to like you—which is just not possible!!

Blessed Be!
Isheeria’s Healing Circles

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