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#MagicOfLove – My Real Story

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers,

This is the month of LOVE, it is the month of heart shaped candies, heart shaped cards, heart shaped everything, and the very expensive roses!

I am sitting on the fence about this ‘Festival’ – While I do appreciate the excuse/ the bahana of a celebration, I do wish that we took the time more often to appreciate those we love!

Thanks to @romspeaks for this prompt – It got me thinking, and I am happy to be writing this post towards #MagicOfLove contest by  Novemberschild sharing my very real (currently developing) story.

(I do wonder if there is any special significance to the fact that, the month of Love also is the smallest month of the year!?? (Now, here I can almost hear some snickering by my you-know-who, who tells me, the difference is only 2-3 days! Pffft! Romantic much?! ))

Now, our story begins like most other stories… we were part of the same common-interest-in-travelling group, we used to all hang out, make dreamy plans of journeys ad nauseam over endless cups of coffee, & be happy in doing just that! He liked me – I was clueless!

With the help of a friend prodding him on, and dropping hints & insisting today was the day he would speak out, we kind of ended up with a confession of sorts from him & a blushing-caught-unawares moment for me!
Said friend even gave me a ‘guarantee’ about the ‘good’ ‘boy’ he was (IS, or not, is something I am confused about every day!).

Thus has begun, our friendship in earnest, our getting to know each other with a mind to that famous ‘happily-ever-after’.

We have our ups and downs and our arguments (modern Indian woman, anyone?!) and discussions – but at the end of the day, WHO HE IS, has become more important than what he says or even does sometimes (He thinks puchkas are the greatest street food ever (blasphemy, I say!); I am in love with my gol-gappas!).

I may not get those expensive roses, but I know, I will have someone to share my dreams with over endless cups of masala chai (Tea) & Coffee. And to me, that IS the #MagicOfLove.

I wrote a little poem too about love here 🙂 

A dhobi list of everything I love as on date, in no particular order (I hope my list does grow over the years) –
#Gratitude to my #Love #List – A Thank you – for existing – in this world – for real or imaginary or illusory or just as a concept!

Family Hope Words Magick
Friends Gol gappas Books & Stories Sunshine
Pets Journeys Stationary Unicorns
Plants Museums Poetry Movies
Tea & Coffee Learning Art & Paintings Songs & Lyrics

 Do you have a #Love #List too? Leave a comment & tell us about yours!

Also, linking up with the #blogchatter prompt: Love  @blogchatter

Wishing you all a wonderful, Love filled Valentine & Year ahead! & Do remember the important stuff 😉

Blessed Be, Be-in-Love,


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17 thoughts on “#MagicOfLove – My Real Story

    • Thank you Thank you Dipika 🙂 It’s the first time I have put down what I am experiencing in words! really glad that you all are liking my little story 🙂

  • I would like to express my appreciation for your dedicated participation in the #MagicOfLove contest. Wishing you good health and happiness in the years ahead.

    Now with what I read, this is your real love story, a story which you are living, am I Right? Golgappas or panipuri or puchka ( my man’s mother tongue is bengali) so we both have had our share of romance enjoying them on the road side stall. I did not get real roses on the first date but definitely a rose made up of gold ( not purely but it has some % of gold on it) and he is a pakka Assamese chai wala whereas I am in LOVE with my starbucks and nescafe.

    I strongly feel We need not think alike to love alike. Differences in Your Relationship Can Be Gifts and I enjoy the small tu tu main main with him and I am sure you do also enjoy with your man. We certainly didn’t think alike, but we loved alike. And in doing so we both learned some of life’s sweetest lessons.

    My love story has caught attention of few bloggers and everyone will get to read it by April. * fingers crossed*

    • Thank you for the encouragement 🙂 A golden rose.. that’s sweet & romantic!

      Yes, this is my real story … and it took courage to put it out there… I am very grateful for the lovely & encouraging response I am receiving.

      ours is a fairly new story, so I still have to reach that stage of ‘appreciating’ & ‘enjoying’ the tu tu mein mein 😉
      Good Luck! I’d love to read your Love Story too 🙂 *April* (*fingers crossed*)

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