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Good Morning,
(Note – This is also a timeless reading – so if you find it now – it is a message for you now)

As I sat to draw the guidance for today, my intention was to take a moment to reflect & also look forward to the new month – Here’s the messages that have come through –

As you reflect and look back at the month that has been, you would have seen that some things have (finally) come to an end.

Look at also your preparations – as preparation will bring desired results.

(I know that as I reflect, I realise that some things I was not properly prepared for and did not take the time to plan and manage everything going on & it ended up with me dropping some things from my plate).

month at a glance guidance from tarot oracle

Interestingly, the guidance for the new month is: Let go of all that has happened! Complete destruction always leaves behind seeds of re-growth and regeneration.

(again, honestly, I was quite disheartened by some things that happened in August, because despite my best intentions, well, people & circumstances & ugh! – but reading this message gives me heart & hope! & also tells me to start afresh, with a new slate as I go into the new month).

And finally, the guidance to focus on your eternal bond with the universe/God/Goddess/ Angels/ higher power that you believe in – Merge yourself and you will find a lifetime of joy and eternal bliss.

I hope this reading resonates and reassures you as it did me 🙂

Happy September everyone!

Blessed Be!