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Welcome to the second part in the 4 part series on Navratri (Durga Navami) about the Form of the Goddess to be worshipped on each day of Navratri and their associations.

Durga Navami is celebrated by worshipping the different forms of Goddess Durga – By propitiating them on their particular days you strengthen the planets they are associated with.
Hence, you also strengthen all the Navgrahas.

Navratri goddess to be worshiped isheeria



The Table below illustrates the Day, Planet and Color & effects associated with each worshiping each  Goddess –


Day Goddess Planet Color Effects
1st Day Gd. Shailputri Moon Grey Awakens the Root chakra. Diminishes any signs on ailment.
2nd Day Gd. Bharmacharini Mars Orange Strengthens the mind & develops good morals
3rd Day Gd. Chandraganta Venus White Awakens the Solar Plexus chakra. Reduces the worldly problems faced by one.
4th Day Gd. Krishmanda Sun Red Awakens the Heart Chakra. Bestows boon & prosperity.
5th Day Gd. Skand Mata Saturn Dark Blue Awakens the Throat chakra. Brings calm & peace to the individual.
6th Day Gd. Kayayani Jupiter Yellow Awakens the Third Eye Charkra. Removes any illnesses indicated in horoscope.
7th Day Gd. Kaalratri Mercury Green Awakens Sacral the chakra. Removes ill effects caused by diseases.
8th Day Gd. Mahagauri Rahu Peacock Green Awakens the Crown chakra.
9th Day Gd. Shiddhidatri Ketu Purple Bestows special siddhis.


Please Note – Please show the individual’s detailed birth chart to a qualified Astrologer before recommending any Puja with the mind of remedying any afflictions in the birth chart.

Note: if any planet is weak in your Astrological chart, it is especially beneficial to do the Puja, jaap, etc on it’s particular day.

(You can read more about Chakra Healing here).


The Navratri (September) 4 parts of the series include –

Part 1 – Introduction to the Sun movements and the division of 9 days of Navratri to celebrate the Divine Feminine.

Part 2 about the Form of THE GODDESS to be worshiped on each day of Navratri and their associations.

Part 3 about the 9 forms of THE GODDESS and her unique energies

Part 4 about the 9 forms of THE GODDESS & a deeper look at the philosophy of the Goddess, and perhaps a story or two.

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Blessed Be!

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