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 Welcome to Numerology predictions for you and your loved ones as we go into APRIL 2022 this month.

This is a monthly series in which you can easily calculate and do predictions for yourself and your loved ones using Numerology!

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Numerology is the beautiful science of numbers, which can help us navigate our lives, overcome obstacles (real & imagined), and create a life of our own free will and choice.
It is an ancient predictive technique, which at a glance helps you understand the essence of what is happening in your life.

You can learn more about Numbers and Numerology here and here.
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For an accurate reading, it is important to first work out the year for yourself, followed by the reading of the month, within that context.

To calculate your Year –
[You can also see this article on calculating the year for yourself]

Date of Birth + Month of Birth + Current Year = Year for You

For example:
You were born on 5th April 2001, then your current YEAR (2022) number will be =
 5 + 4 + 2022 = 5 + 4 + 6 = 15 = 6.
i.e. The Current Year Number for you is = 6

To calculate the Month for You = Year for you + Month

= 6 + 4 (April) = 10 = 1
In the example above, the month of April for you will be = 1.

You will now read the prediction from Number 1 from the Predictions listed below.

April Numerology Predictions on Isheeria


Number 1

April is a month for you to be practical, and finish what you have begun. Be diligent. Be alert, and stop procrastinating. You will be very surprised at what all you will be able to accomplish this month, and how new avenues will open up for you.
Your numbers indicate that you will find clarity in your relationships, if you share your feelings honestly.

Development now can lead to gains in the future. New ideas and their implementation will lead you to success.

A Word Of Advice:  Have confidence in yourself. Connect with your deeper wisdom and keep your focus.

Wear the color magenta pink to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 2

This month you will feel low, going around in circles, and over-thinking everything. Looking and agonizing over the small things will make you miss out on the bigger picture. You need to get your perspective right, and develop your strengths.

Let your intuition guide you in your relationships.
A friend, a mentor, an advisor will step forward to help you – be open to the message and the suggestions.

Do not let setbacks prevent you from trying again, because when things start to change for you, it will be quick.

A Word Of Advice:  Have courage and believe in yourself.

Wear the color Aqua Blue to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 3

April is month to be alert, and be in a state of awareness of all that is going on around you.
Do not ignore or overlook or ignore anything – at work, at home, or about yourself. Whatever you ignore looking deeply into this month will boomerang on you.

Think plans through carefully, Take time to carefully review your options.
Face your challenges with courage and calm. 

A Word Of Advice: Let go of emotional baggage.
You will be rewarded in your relationship if you look deeper.

Wear the color steel grey to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 4

This is a month to quietly work behind the scenes. Sort out your emotions and sift through those you rely on. Let go of those who are pulling you down, or are not trustworthy.

You can accomplish much if you set your mind on it. Have the wisdom to accept help and advice from others .Process at your own pace but determinately.

This is a time of deserved success, of opportunities coming knocking on your door.

A word of Advice:  Hope and Peace are the keywords for you this month.

Wear the color violet to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 5

This is a month to take practical steps to move forward – in all spheres of your life. This is the time for new ideas and inspirations, of moving forward to face challenges head-on.

It is the time to invoke your wisdom, your healing and protection energies. Step forward to help others.

Patience and courage will stand you in good stead. Don’t let the little things undermine your decisions.

A word of Advice: Confront your problems and they may just evaporate.

Wear the color Orange to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

April 2022 Numerology Predictions for you on pinterest

Number 6

April is the month to go about doing what you want, but quietly, without any fanfare. Review your own motives and that of others and bring yourself into harmony and balance. Avoid misunderstandings – Nip them in the bud.
Plan well to avoid missing out on opportunities.

A word of Advice:   Be patient. Let go, and forgive.
Seek help and advice when in doubt.

Wear the color Silver and Gold to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 7

This month you should begin setting up what you wish to achieve. Start with the small steps and let them take you forward.
Make the much needed connections, and let your subconscious guide you.
Open your heart and mind to those around you.
Changes can be swift and dramatic.

A word of Advice: Don’t let others interfere, or make the decisions for you. This is a time for self-recognition, to feel good about yourself.

Wear the color Navy Blue to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 8

April will prove to be a deceptive month for you. You will feel as if nothing is going your way, and it is pointless to move forward. But, in hindsight you will realise that this month was full of potential opportunities for you.
Wisdom, cooperation, and dedication will help you in your path. There is a need to balance your emotions, to master the conflict within you. The time to communicate, to move forward in your relationship, in achieving your goals.

A word of Advice: . It is up to you how much effort you put in. Whatever your situation you need to be practical and take action.

Wear the color Green to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 9

This month you will feel frustrated, as you are pulled in two different directions.
Your heart and mind are not in sync. You need to let go of your own projections and prejudices and see the whole picture. Be open-minded and fair, and step aside from judgement to find clarity.
Allow more time before making a decision.

A word of Advice: Listen to your feelings. These are the voice of the real you.

Wear the color Emerald Green to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Blessed Be!

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