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Numerology – The Power of Numbers

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Numerology – The Power of Numbers
By: Neera Sawhney Chopra & Ishieta Chopra from the Isheeria’s Healing Circles.

Paperback Available on: Amazon.in

Book Blurb:
The human mind is remarkable, is to say the least. It is a mystery how the simple concept of numbers, which was basically intended to keep a count of what we saw around us or belonged to us, has over the centuries, evolved into complicated calculations as mathematics. On the other hand, by a select few, it has progressed into numerology, which gives formulae and procedures to understand ourselves and our destiny. A trained numerologist, keeping our numerological constants in mind, can tweak around the variables a bit, to simplify and even resolve some issues confronting us time and again. The techniques specified in this book will be a good way for beginners to understand the principals of numerology and understand how numbers govern our lives. They may, after adequate study of this book and practice, be on the road to developing into capable numerologists themselves. The book gives comprehensive information for that.

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