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Welcome JANUARY! Welcome to Numerology predictions for you and your loved ones as we go into the beginning of 2022 this month.

This is a monthly series where you can easily calculate and do predictions for yourself and your loved ones using Numerology!

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Numerology is the beautiful science of numbers, which can help us navigate our lives, overcome obstacles (real & imagined), and create a life of our own free will and choice.
It is an ancient predictive technique, which at a glance helps you understand the essence of what is happening in your life.

You can learn more about Numbers and Numerology here and here.
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For an accurate reading, it is important to first work out the year for yourself, followed by the reading of the month, within that context.

To calculate your Year –
[You can also see this article on calculating the year for yourself]

Date of Birth + Month of Birth + Current Year = Year for You

For example:
You were born on 5th March 2001, then your current YEAR (2022) number will be =
 5 + 3 + 2022 = 5 + 3 + 6 = 14 = 5.
i.e. The Current Year Number for you is = 5

To calculate the Month for You = Year for you + Month

= 5 + 1 (January=1) =6
In the example above, January month for you will be = 5 + 1=6.

You will now read the prediction from Number 6 from the Predictions listed below.

January 2022 Numerology isheeria


Number 1

 January is the month you should make the most of. Take on the opportunities coming your way, be it work- related, or socializing. Everything you do this month will help you further your goals in life. Broaden your horizon, open your mind, and savor the moment. Don’t let your doubts cloud your vision. Let go of your prejudices, and see the whole picture. Nurture yourself and others. Find your balance.

A word of Advice:  Be wary of undermining influences.

Wear the color Pink to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 2

This is a month to put your head down and do what is necessary. Look at the finer details. Pause, if you feel you are going around in circles. Seek advice, and take advice. Remember, you don’t have to handle everything on your own. Others will come forward. You only have to ask. Have patience. Listen to your intuition. Communicate. Be practical.

A word of Advice:  Further your talents and more will become possible.

Wear the color Ocean Blue to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 3

 January is a good month for you. Make the most of it. Trust your intuition. Trust yourself. Begin what you have been longing to do. Do your homework well, and start without taking any shortcuts. This month you will have the energy and the enthusiasm to make things work.  Definitely not the time to procrastinate. Do not waste time on that which is not helpful.

A word of Advice:  You will need to be self-disciplined and have strong will-power.

Wear the color Beige to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 4

January will not be an easy month for you. A lot will be expected and demanded from you. Not only by others, but also by yourself.  Do what you can, seek help where you need to. Your wisdom and your attitude will make all the difference. Know that you will emerge much stronger this year, and get the recognition that you deserve.

A word of Advice:  Make sure your actions are in line with your goals .

Wear the color Jade Green to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 5

This month you will feel restless and rebellious.  You will want to break away, do something new. Not be restricted.  What you need to remind yourself is that this is just a phase. You have to ride it out. Turn this time to your advantage by seeking outside your boundaries. Widen your vision and your circle. Be open, and embrace the difference.

A word of Advice: In your quest for change don’t burn your old ties.

Wear the colors Black and White together to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 6

 January is a time to pace yourself. Don’t allow things to get out of control.  Do your duties, but don’t get lost in them. Be yourself, but use tact and diplomacy. You’ll be surprised at what all you will be able to achieve. Accept the challenges fate is throwing your way, it will expand your consciousness. This is your time.

A word of Advice:   Believe and act.

Wear the color Beige to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 7

This is a challenging and difficult month for you. You will tend to doubt yourself…… What you are doing. Why you are doing. You need to have faith and trust yourself. Overthinking will not be fruitful. Let go of what others feel or have to say. Follow your heart. Go with your intuition. Be all that you can be. And what you want to be.

A word of Advice: Take some positive action.

Wear the color Orange to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 8

January is a month to take action. Stop procrastinating, and doubting yourself. Over-analyzing people and situations will hold you back and drag you down. Let go. Let others sort out their own problems. You should move on. This is the time for spiritual and emotional growth. Connect with your wisdom, and focus on your goals.

A word of Advice: Take the chance while you can.

Wear the color Yellow to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 9

This is the month to fall back on all that you have learned. Trust your wisdom and your intuition. Avoid shortcuts, and let go of all that is unnecessary and is pulling you down. This is the time for hard work and reaping the reward of your past actions. Open your eyes to the opportunities coming your way.  Learn more. Share more. Enrich your life. Embrace what is worth holding on to.

A word of Advice: Do not restrict yourself to narrow boundaries.

Wear the color Sky Blue to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Blessed Be!

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