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Welcome JUNE! Welcome to Numerology predictions for you and your loved ones as we go into the very heart of summer this month.

This is a monthly series of Easy to do your own predictions for yourself and your loved ones using Numerology!

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Numerology is the beautiful science of numbers, which can help us navigate our lives, overcome obstacles (real & imagined), and create a life of our own free will and choice.
It is an ancient predictive technique, which at a glance helps you understand the essence of what is happening in your life.

You can learn more about Numbers and Numerology here and here.
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For an accurate reading, it is important to first work out the year for yourself, followed by the reading of the month, within that context.

To calculate your Year –
[You can also see this article on calculating the year for yourself]

Date of Birth + Month of Birth + Current Year = Year for You

For example:
You were born on 5th March 2001, then your current YEAR (2021) number will be =
 5 + 3 + 2021 = 5 + 3 + 5 = 13 = 4.
i.e. The Current Year Number for you is = 4

To calculate the Month for You = Year for you + Month

= 4 + 6 (June = 6)
In example above, June month for you will be = 4 + 6 =10 =1.

You will now read the prediction from Number 1 from the Predictions Listed below.

June numerology predictions isheeria


Number 1

June is a month to lighten up. Take a break from your routine and look around you.

Share. Communicate. Mingle.
Avoid staying aloof and separate. Take your rightful place in society. Find the magic in your life.

A word of Advice: Don’t let your ego come in the way. Seek advice.

Wear the color Pink to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 2

This is a month to reflect, and to introspect.
Re-evaluate your choices! Do you really want where you are going or are you on this path as a reaction to someone or something?
Make your choice from a calm place.

A word of Advice: Focus on what you want, and let it guide you in your path.

Wear the color Deep Orange to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 3

June is a moth to be honest with yourself. Do your duty, fulfil your obligations, and within the circle of your daily life, find what you really want, where you want to be. Then work towards it.

Keywords for you this month are – Relax, Harmony and Celebration.

A word of Advice: Bring all parts of your life into alignment.

Wear the color Royal Blue to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 4

June is about Others, that is, outside and other than yourself.

This is a month to focus on others, think of others, seek ways you may help others.
Remember, what goes around, comes around. This is an opportunity to improve your karma ten-fold.
Trust your intuition.

A word of Advice: Do not force things to go your way (the way you want them to go).

Wear the color Purple to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 5

June is a month that is a heaven-sent opportunity for you to rectify any short cuts that you have taken, anything that you have overlooked, and any mistakes that you have made.
These could be relationship related, health related, work related, or in any other area.

A word of Advice: Be practical. Be responsible.

Wear the color Red to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 6

This is a month to let go. Forgive and forget. Move on.
Do what ever needs to be done. And anything else, leave it behind.

Be compassionate. Be gentle. Be practical.
Remember, there is no need to carry the extra burden.

A word of Advice:  Be in balance and harmony with you environment (surroundings). Face your challenges with courage.

Wear the color Magenta to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 7

June is a month to be careful. You will want to make a fresh start, open up your horizon, as well as be there for everyone. But the balancing act will be different this month. You will feel that nothing is going your way – whereas, in reality, the space is being made to make your wishes a reality. Don’t take things for granted.

A word of Advice: forbearance and patience.

Wear the color Sunflower Yellow to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 8

This is a month to put yourself first. This June make a list of all that you have wanted to do. All that you wish for. Then start making your plans.
While making your plans, be practical. Don’t forget the small details.
Remember – it is your list, and your life.

Let the universe recharge and help you fulfill your dreams.

A word of Advice: Fortune is on your side.

Wear the color Emerald Green to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 9

June is a month to let your imagination soar.
Think out of the box! Break the shackles that are holding you back. Open your mind and soak in the beauty around you.

You will be very surprised by what your heart really years for. Remember – Break the tethers, but not the ties.

A word of Advice: Self-Discovery. Reclaim your true calling

Wear the color Sky Blue to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

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