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Welcome May! Welcome to Numerology predictions for you and your loved ones.

Summer has begun, and it is a scorching time the world over.
Stay Safe everyone. You are all in our prayers.

This is a monthly series of Easy to do your own predictions for yourself and your loved ones using Numerology!
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Numerology the Power of numbers

Numerology is the beautiful science of numbers, which can help us navigate our lives, overcome obstacles (real & imagined), and create a life of our own free will and choice.
It is an ancient predictive technique, which at a glance helps you understand the essence of what is happening in your life.

You can learn more about Numbers and Numerology here and here.
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For an accurate reading, it is important to first work out the year for yourself, followed by the reading of the month, within that context.

To calculate your Year –
[You can also see this article on calculating the year for yourself]

Date of Birth + Month of Birth + Current Year = Year for You

For example:
You were born on 5th March 2001, then your current YEAR (2021) number will be =
 5 + 3 + 2021 = 5 + 3 + 5 = 13 = 4.
i.e. The Current Year Number for you is = 4

To calculate the Month for You = Year for you + Month

= 4 + 5 (May= 5)
In example above, MAY month for you will be = 4 + 5 = 9.

You will now read the prediction from Number 9 from the Predictions Listed below.

NUMEROLOGY Predictions May 2021 Isheeria


Now that you know what NUMBER is THIS MONTH for you, go ahead and read the prediction for your number from the following to know what this month has in store for you:

Number 1

This is a month to do a reality check on your life – Where are you heading?
Do you want to follow this path? Remember, it is all very well to want your way – but, is your chosen path leading you to your ultimate goal?

Take stock and be realistic. And do not burn your bridge.
Keep in mind that the grass always seems greener on the other side.

A word of Advice: Be determined. Seek out mentors and like-minded friends. Bring your life and your body into alignment so that you are wholly in harmony.

Wear the color Strawberry Pink to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 2

This month will likely pull you in two different directions.
You will want to do your duty, and you also want to be free  – having nothing holding you back.
You need to work this out yourself. Compromise and adjust are the way forward. Don’t hesitate to take the first step – the outcome my surprise you.

A word of Advice:  How your life will unfold will depend on the decision that you make this year. Face your challenges with strength. Honor your commitments.

Wear the color Lime Green to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 3

A difficult month as you will be pulled in two different directions – to rationalize all that is going on around you – and also to not be a part of it. Don’t allow your need to pull away lead you into making a rash decision.
This is a month to find the middle path – for balance and moderation, cooperation and compromise.

Honor and nurture are the keywords this month.

A word of Advice: Wait for the perfect timing – to reclaim your true spiritual gifts.

Wear the color Turquoise Blue to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 4

May is a month full of surprises for you – you will find your niche – what it is that you want to do, and how to do it joyfully.
Be alert to the little things. Even a small feather can help guide you.

Enthusiasm and vision are the key words for you this month. By changing yourself you will change your life.

A word of Advice: Acknowledge and appreciate yourself. Have confidence in yourself. Have Faith.

Wear the color Pink to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 5

This month will be full of full of opportunities. Don’t let them pass you by.
Think carefully and make your choices wisely.
Stay Alert. Stay Positive. Don’t overlook the small details. Do your homework well. Seek out those with experience.
As you are coming out of a difficult situation – open your eyes to new possibilities. Look at things from a different perspective.
Key words for you this month are Humility and Inspiration.

A word of Advice: It is important to be yourself.

Wear the color Crimson Red to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 6

THIS IS YOUR MONTH – Make the most of it.
Open yourself to new opportunities, new friends, new experiences.
Misunderstanding will clear up, make time for your near and dear ones.

Courage and integrity are the keywords for you this month.
Seek the Blessings coming your way.

A word of Advice: Deal with challenges with a sensible approach.

Wear the color Buttercup Yellow to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 7

May is a month you will want to take on the world and behave differently.
You don’t want the limelight but would like to be noticed and appreciated. You want to feel indispensable.

A word of Advice: Last month your advice was to turn your intention into action. And this month, is your month! It is your time in the sun.

Wear the color Plum to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 8

This is a month to enjoy yourself – Let your hair down!
Spread the joy around you.
To gain, you have to make the effort. Follow your dreams.
Take your time before making a decision.

Meditation may provide the answers you are seeking.

Wisdom and Clarity are the keywords for you this May.

A word of Advice: Take a leap of Faith.

Wear the color Midnight Blue to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 9

This month do not rush things. There are many factors here, which you have not encountered recently. Learn from your experiences. Review your choices.

May is a month to heal, to forgive, for compassion, and for blessings.

A word of Advice: Let go of negativity (and negative thoughts).

Wear the color Sea-Green to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

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