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Welcome NOVEMBER! Welcome to Numerology predictions for you and your loved ones as we go into the winter season in our part of the world!

This is a monthly series of easily calculating and doing predictions for yourself and your loved ones using Numerology!

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Numerology is the beautiful science of numbers, which can help us navigate our lives, overcome obstacles (real & imagined), and create a life of our own free will and choice.
It is an ancient predictive technique, which at a glance helps you understand the essence of what is happening in your life.

You can learn more about Numbers and Numerology here and here.
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For an accurate reading, it is important to first work out the year for yourself, followed by the reading of the month, within that context.

To calculate your Year –
[You can also see this article on calculating the year for yourself]

Date of Birth + Month of Birth + Current Year = Year for You

For example:
You were born on 5th March 2001, then your current YEAR (2021) number will be =
 5 + 3 + 2021 = 5 + 3 + 5 = 13 = 4.
i.e. The Current Year Number for you is = 4

To calculate the Month for You = Year for you + Month

= 4 + 2 (November = 11 =2)
In example above, October month for you will be = 4 + 2=6 .

You will now read the prediction from Number 6 from the Predictions Listed below.

November 21 numerology predictions isheeria


Number 1

November for you is a time to take new initiatives, to move forward and to think big. Do your planning carefully and then take the necessary steps. Take the conflicts in your stride. Believe in yourself…you have the ability. Remember, you don’t have to do everything single-handedly.

A word of Advice:  Seek advice and help when you need it.

Wear the color Orange to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 2

This is a month to work on yourself.  Change yourself, and your fortune will also change. Relax, sleep on it, and the answers will come to you. Enhancing /furthering your talents will open up many more doors for you.  Your sincerity will clear your path.

A word of Advice:  Move on, and stop romanticizing the past.

Wear the color Scarlet Red to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 3

This is a month to stop questioning everything around you….Why Me? Why Now? It is time to accept and to take responsibility. Work on the alignment, and harmony will be achieved naturally.  Have faith in yourself, and in what the universe has in store for you.

A word of Advice:  Trust your intuition.

Wear the color Emerald Green to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 4

November is a time to practice patience. Dig deep into yourself  to find your inner energy and enthusiasm.  It will definitely be worth the time and commitment you put into it. Be true to yourself and act decisively. Find the balance within yourself and in your environment.

A word of Advice: Be patient.

Wear the color Yellow  to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 5

This is a month to face the challenges head-on, and discover your inner core of strength. Find the balance between your wisdom and your power, between receiving and giving. This is the time to walk on the tight rope and maintain your balance. When you achieve this balance, your magnetism will be greatly enhanced.

A word of Advice:  Stay grounded.

Wear the colors gold and silver together to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 6

November  is a time to help others. Bringing people together, and finding the balance to achieve justice. Use your wisdom and your experience. Have faith in yourself, in the people you are helping, and in the universe. Listen well to your loved ones. Trust your psychic and spiritual abilities.

A word of Advice:  The key word is Trust.

Wear the color Beige to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 7

This is a challenging month for you. This is the time to help yourself. To act and give yourself a chance. Take personal responsibility. Follow your heart, but also listen to your mind. Open your heart and mind to those around you, and to your surroundings . Communicate.

A word of Advice: Don’t let your doubts cloud your decisions.

Wear the color Topaz Blue to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 8

October is a month to believe in yourself. To believe and act upon your wishes and goals. Use affirmations to help you through this period. Take a trip….mentally or physically, it will re-charge and invigorate you. A difficult situation will begin to end.  Your mind-set is your biggest strength right now.

A word of Advice: Stay positive.

Wear the color Teal Blue to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Number 9

This is the time to make careful decisions. Be patient , ponder on the questions, and on the action to be taken. Don’t be hasty. And don’t let anyone push you or rush you. Be firm in what you want.  Meditation will help you.

A word of Advice: Trust yourself. Time is on your side.

Wear the color white to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.

Blessed Be!

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