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July 2018 numerology predictions #isheeria

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Numerology Predictions – July 2018 #isheeria

Dear Isheeria’s Healing Circles Readers,

Welcome to JULY – We wish this month of July is blessed for you.


Lotus Flower is a symbol of beauty and purity (of the heart and mind), wealth, fertility, knowledge and serenity.

The Lotus Flower is sacred and holds deep symbolism. It grows in muddy water and rises above the water surface to bloom.

This JULY – Be Like the Lotus Flower – rise above your problems and circumstances and bloom – embrace the beauty that you are and the joy of the open sky.


lotus meditation isheeria


 MEDITATION – Meditate for 5-10 mins on the Lotus Flower every day

  1. Sit in the Lotus Position (Padmasana)
  2. Take deep breaths – Inhale and Exhale – Focus on your breathing.
  3. Look at an image of a Lotus* and invoke its qualities – Welcome the qualities of the Lotus Flower into your being.



lotus meditation isheeria


*You can look at an actual photograph of a Lotus Flower or see one in your minds’ eye.
As a beginner, we recommend that you take a print out of a photograph that you like (which resonates with you) and look at it.


The Month of July for you and your loved ones is going to be an interesting month, and by adding the power of Meditation, you will accelerate the manifestation of good fortune in your life.


Welcome to your Numerology Predictions for the month of JULY 2018



Numerology Predictions July pinterest isheeria




How to Calculate  –

For an accurate reading, it is important to first work out the year for yourself, followed by the reading of the month, within that context.


How to calculate your Year –

Date of Birth + Month of Birth + Current Year = Year for You

For example:

You were born on 5th March 2001, then your YEAR will be =

 5 + 3 + 2018 = 5 + 3 + 11 = 19 = 10 = 1


How to calculate the Month for You –

Year for you + 7 (July = 7)

In example above, July for you will be = 1 + 7 = 8

Now, go ahead and read the prediction for the number 8 from the following –





Number 1

This is a month to pause and think of how to go forward. Think on it very carefully, and begin planning on it.

Don’t put limitations on yourself. Think big, and think success. Let your ideas and imagination soar.

Wear crimson color to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.


Number 2


This is a month when you will tend to overthink every situation and feel like you are not achieving much.

Take advantage of this period, and look into what it is that you wish to achieve, and where you are making mistakes.

Keep an open mind.                                                       

Wear sky blue color to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.



Number 3


This is a month which will make you question yourself. The choices you made, and the path you are going on.

Don’t let regret bog you down. Leave the past where it belongs- in the past. Reflect on it and move on.      

Wear forest green color to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.



Number 4


This is a month to just be.

Put your head down, and move steadily on your path.

Don’t let your uncertainties and doubts come in your way. Sometimes, it is good to take a back seat and not overthink. Let life take its course.

Wear yellow color to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.



Number 5


This is a month to pull yourself up.

Recognise that you may need help. Put a hand out and you will find many people coming forward to support you.  You will receive help from the most unexpected sources.    

Wear magenta color to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.



Number 6


This is a month to be introspective and do some re-thinking.

To correct what you have overlooked, whether it is people or situations.

Don’t brood. Take decisions, and then act on them. This is not the time to procrastinate.

Wear brown color to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.



Number 7


This is a month to begin looking forward.

Make place what you want in life. Make your choices carefully, and then set your path.

Your decisions will have a major impact on your life in the coming years. Don’t let your emotions rule.  

Wear sea blue color to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.



Number 8


This is a month to assess your choices.

To re-think your path. To re-evaluate your decisions.

Are you on the way to achieving your wishes and goals?
If not, this is the time to make corrections and to make the right call.        

Wear purple color to enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.



Number 9


This is a month for you to step out. Think about yourself for a change.

Do what feels right, what is good for you.

Make yourself a priority. Be a little selfish.                                      

 Wear pink color enhance your magnetic vibrations this month.



Blessed Be!

Isheeria’s Healing Circles

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