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#Childobesity – Sugars

Welcome to Isheeria’s Healing Circles. Join us for some quick tips on #Chilobesity & Health from Shreya Roy of Maasai Fitness as she talks about reducing sugar in your child & infant’s diet.

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The Elements Series – Water

The Elements are such an intrinsic part of our lives, that we rarely pause to wonder about their role and importance, and how they make us feel.

In the third installment of the Elements series, join our guest, Access Bar Healer, Ms. Ridhi Kapoor, as she explores the Element of Water.

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Girls with Dreams become Women with Vision!

Happy International Women’s Day to all the pretty ladies!       In the world today, when so much progress has been made in all areas of Life and Society, the One domain which is still lagging behind is Education, and especially, the Education of Girls and Women.   Did you know? More than 130 […]

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