Welcome to the wonderful, Happy & joyful world of Pets – our extended family members!

23rd March is Puppy Day!
Happy Puppy Day!

On this occasion, I am very happy to launch my first ( from the heart & completely fun) monthly linky party called #PetsDaywithIsheeria On Every 23rd of Every Month.

The Idea?
To have one day in the month – the 23rd – to celebrate PETS & Animals – Where you share your stories along with a picture.

The Idea is simply to share & spread some love, joy and happiness! By appreciating the wonderful animals on our beautiful planet.
So, please do join in & enjoy! & invite your friends too!

You can write about your own pets at home, or any street animal you are looking after (perhaps you keep water for the birds or give bread to some street dogs) or even any animal you appreciate! (Bird watching anyone?)

Any story where you take a moment to appreciate the beauty of  another living being, and by extension adding him/her to your circle of care).

I hope you will Join Us every month on #PetsDaywithIsheeria and share a story & picture. (PS: You can add an older post too)



Like all Linky Parties, this one too shall have Rules & Prizes –

1 Prize (every month) for the cutest picture & write-up.  (min. 4 entries for contest to run for the month)

Follow Isheeria’s Healing Circles on Facebook & Twitter  (& if you are still Smiling at my post, please, on Instagram & Google too) (Quick Links in the Social menu – easy peasy )

Read the Host’s Post & atleast 2 other posts in this party – read, comment & share the love!

Share your post on Social Media with the hashtag #PetsDaywithIsheeria (& mention in post)

I would love to hear from you 🙂 So, leave me a comment below.


(PS: Check back each month for a Theme Prompt & Rule of the Linky Party).

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28 thoughts

  1. Congratulations for hosting your own linky party! I love animals and I had a pet as a kid but I dont have any picture of mine but my pet but I need to search and share. I will surely participate very soon.

  2. What a brilliant prompt. I’m definitely participating but post A-Z or if I can in April itself. I have plenty of stories to share. Congrats on this lovely concept.

  3. Hey, I am a pet-parent and an animal lover and from the next 23rd I am sure going to add my post to this linky! I missed it this time….:( But, next time I will be here….promise! 🙂 I love animals, esp dogs – have a fur-baby at home; and therefore there is definitely gong to be a post on either him or his like..
    Thank you for this lovely link, Isheeria!

  4. I absolutely love pups and kittens and all sorts of cute pets, but I have never had one – mom was pretty against it! Now I am thinking of getting one for my son when he grows up a little more. This is such a cool idea Ish

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